Floating Point Passes 70,000 Players

As of today, 70,163 people own Floating Point, the free game about grappling hooks I released last Friday. 31,700 of those got it on day 1, and the count is now growing steadily at around 3,000 new players a day.

This is pretty amazing. I didn’t contact any press about it, and the only promotion I did was the long and rambly videos I’ve been posting here, if you can call them that. Being free, unsurprisingly, makes a big difference. More interesting stats:

  • 71% of Floating Point players own Gunpoint, 22% own the Exclusive ($30) Edition.
  • 203 people have reviewed it, 198 of them positively.
  • After the US (15k) and the UK (6k), Russia and Poland have the most players with 5k each – all other countries are under 3k.
  • The average play session is 12 minutes, which is about how long I usually play for too.
  • The 22,000 players Steam has sampled to get play-time stats have, between them, spent more than a year playing.
  • If the other 48,000 have played similarly, that’d be more then four years of play time.
  • The game took 21 days to make.

4 Replies to “Floating Point Passes 70,000 Players”

  1. Congratulations Tom! I’ve been a follower of yours since back when TB did a video on Gunpoint, and I’m a big fan of both of your games so far. I’m super excited for Heat Signature! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello. Beautiful game, I can see that it will become addictive. It has some of the dreamlike serenity of Osmos, and a like Osmos an unusual and creative gameplay. I have only one plea to the developer: custom key bindings seem to be broken in my (Steam, OSX) version. I just can’t set the controls I would prefer.

    I can get into “Controls” dialog box all right, and I can bind any game action to any keyboard key I like. But I can’t bind any game action to any mouse button! I get the “stubborn beep” when I try to bind to a mouse button, be it via trackpad or magic mouse or a hardwired usb gaming mouse. I have been ransacking the installed files looking for the key bindings but so far have not found them in human readable form anywhere, so now I am stuck — cannot restore default mouse bindings, cannot impose new mouse bindings, I am now keyboard-only. Help?

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