Floating Point Is Out! And Free! On Steam! Watch A Trailer!

Floating Point is out on Steam now, for Windows, Mac and Linux, and it’s free!

It’s a peaceful game about swinging gracefully around randomly generated levels. It’s played entirely with the mouse, it’s easy to play, you can have fun with it in five minutes, and it has relaxing digital music by the excellent Form & Shape.

Here’s a trailer, and some info on why it’s free.

Why is it free?

When I announced this yesterday, it was met with enthusiastic response:

When Gunpoint came out, and did well, I thanked those who bought it for putting me in a position where I didn’t have to actively chase money with everything I do. In return, I promised to “make new things for you!”

I started Floating Point for the Ludum Dare game jam two months ago, but when it started to feel like it could be something more, I let myself pursue it. I just added what it seemed to need at each stage, and worked on it for as long as I felt it needed work. It was a fantastic experience, I’m really proud of the final thing, and I could never have done that if I was struggling to feed myself.

Floating Point probably could make money – if I was a publicly traded company, it would probably have to. But because I’m just a person, I’d rather just give it away as a thank-you. And because you’ve let me become completely independent, I can.

Thanks again.

22 Replies to “Floating Point Is Out! And Free! On Steam! Watch A Trailer!”

  1. Love it. When you play floating point well, you feel like a god of momentum :)

  2. Stop being so awesome :D

    do you have any e-mail to contact you besides twitter and the comments here? :)

  3. You may not realise it, but you have now committed to a full Crytek naming regime. All of your games must now be called something-point.

  4. You are awesome. I don’t think I’d have the willpower to not charge for a game like this. Hats off to you!

  5. wow i mean i knew you were a legend but this is just wow. im telling all my mates about this :)

  6. An absolutely lovely game. Really enjoying this- sound design is especially cool. First time I went underwater I was stunned.

  7. Thank you Tom :D this is really awesome news.

    HERE IS MY STORY. I’m finishing up this term at uni, my PC Is riddled with some sort of bullshit so I can’t use STEAM because it bluescreens my PC when anything downloads (like automatic patching). I need to wipe my HD but I need to finish my course first….my last exam which is today! So I get to reinstall windows 7 and everything else this weekend and then i can play Floating Point. Can not wait.

  8. “But because I’m just a person, I’d rather just give it away as a thank-you. And because you’ve let me become completely independent, I can.”

    Tom, that is just lovely! You rock :D Will try this out later today when I get a moment.

  9. Man, I am loving this. It’s wonderful. It’s challenging to get used to, but it all flows so beautifully once you get going… I would have happily paid for this! :D

    I just have one piece of feedback. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I’m not aiming where I think I am – just off from a block, or something, right on the edge or corner, and there’s another block way off behind, and so I hit that instead. A rather simple effect, like highlighting the block that will be targeted (in such a way that it doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic – lightening it subtly, or somesuch) would drastically improve accuracy, I feel.

  10. I think this actually makes me even happier I bought Gunpoint than Gunpoint did.

    And I agree with Smurfy. This means you have to change the name of your space game to Heatpoint Signature.

  11. Oof, this game is some fun times. Is it possible there will be anymore customisable options in the future? Being able to control momentum loss on hit and changing things like the line growing when idly swinging would be amazing. Thanks for the free fun!

  12. Thank you, I wonder what the world would be like if more people shared your mentality.

  13. Thanks Tom! Keep doing what you love, it’s excellent you can do your own thing with real creative and financial freedom. C&C is fantastic too.

    Thanks, W.


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