Half-Life 2 Speedrun Is Beautiful, Ugly

The part where players invent unpowered human flight, and the part where they use the HEV suit’s optical zoom to look at a butt, are the two defining acts of the hardcore gaming zeitgeist.

YouTube commenter nobody960814 explains the trick:

“To prevent bunny hopping, valve created a system where repeated jumping should slow you down. Unfortunately they implemented it by applying a force on you in a direction opposite to the way you’re facing, not the way you’re going. So by bunny hopping backwards, you can accumulate ridiculous momentum.”

8 Replies to “Half-Life 2 Speedrun Is Beautiful, Ugly”

  1. I love speedruns. And HL2 speedruns, by benefit of the versatile but somewhat buggy Source engine, are some of the greatest speedruns around.

    Fun to watch, but for the runners, certain segments must be utter hell to get right. YEARS of preparation, and thousands of attempts go into these things, and I might just suspect these are one of the primary art forms provided by video games.

    Art, in that each one takes a long time to craft, and is made as perfect as possible.
    They still may make small mistakes, but that doesn’t really detract from the overall experience, it just tells you that HERE is a talented group of people, doing what they love.

  2. This is awesome, and thanks for posting that YouTube comment, I was wondering that.

    That said, looking at butts might be funny, but humping Alyx with a piece of wood left me feeling awkward. As in, I’d love to show this to my (non-gamer) girlfriend, because it really is awe-inspiring, but I don’t want to (and couldn’t) explain that bit.

  3. You guys forgot to mention the time he has some time to spare which, naturally, he uses to shoot a dick-shaped succession of bullet holes into a wall.

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