7 Replies to “My Review Of The PC Version Of From Dust”

  1. For once I am one of those guys who doesn’t appear to be having any problems with a game thats buggy for a majority of people, in other words “A Jammy Bastard”.

    So for now I think it’s cool, more stressful then I would have liked, but trying to patch up a sand barrier and watching the water eat away at it is fascinating. As is when you think you are solving one problem but end up creating two more. They have captured nature well in that way.

  2. I also have had no issues. I am annoy that at the stupid video between each level that is exactly the same every time (so far) and you can’t skip it. Or at least I haven’t found how to skip it. Fun game. It doesn’t get hard sometimes, but if you think the issues thought usually they are much easier to overcome then you originally thought. I was on one level where I kept failing, at least 3 or 4 times. When I finally found the solution, it was ridiculously easier than I was making it.

  3. I was planning to put a link to it in the About bit – or did you want the embed back?

    I was thinking I’d just post everything I tweet here, but it hasn’t really worked out that way – some stuff just doesn’t feel right for this place. May have to rethink.

  4. Looks interesting enough to pick up when it’s on steam crazy sale. Not enough interest to bounce ahead of dungeouns of dreadmore, terraria, and soon to be deus ex. Curse you day job!

    On a side note, the PCG comments are starting to look like a nerdier version of youtube…

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