Supreme Commander All Czars

Sometimes winning isn’t enough. Sometimes 50 of the largest unit in the game, the Czar, is not enough. Those times, 51 Czars will generally do it.

51 Czars 03

51 Czars 04

51 Czars 10

51 Czars 11

Death beams are cool, but Czars are so huge that they can do even more damage by just falling on you. And you can manually suicide them to make that happen.

51 Czars 13

51 Czars 15

51 Czars 16

12 Replies to “Supreme Commander All Czars”

  1. I haven’t played SupCom, but I have played the second game. Am I missing out on stuff like this, or am I just playing SupCom 2 wrong?

  2. You’re missing out, Moni!

    The funny thing about SC1’s SP campaign is that the later missions encouraged this sort of nonsense. I remember my brother launching squadrons of Czars at the foe in one Aeon mission…

    Good times.

  3. Man.

    I can see those wrecks forming whole civilizations around them. I would play a game set in that graveyard, I think.

    Now that’s scale.

  4. See, this is why unit caps are no fun. Dawn of War, for example, made me very sad when I could no longer roll over the opponent in five Baneblades.

  5. Moni – I did something similar in SupCom 2, but the scale is certainly a different order of magnitude.

    SupCom 1’s unit cap is interesting – it has one, it’s just very high, you can increase it, and all units only count as ‘1’. In other words, it doesn’t try to make maxed-out armies balanced, and it’s actually part of the late-game tactics to figure out what low-tech stuff you can now suicide in order to free up cap for higher value units.

    So I could have made 499 Czars, or even 1,499, if I was that obsessive about it.

  6. I love you Tom! You take great screenshots, you figure out interesting ways to play games, you describe them brilliantly. You’re the Valve of games journalism! =D

    You may now have all my monies.

  7. I like the GG on that screenshot. If I were some supreme commander dude and I saw that coming towards me I think I’d say something similar.

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