Terriers Again

I was pretty rude about the plot when writing about the pilot episode, but impressed by everything else. This is a quick update to say that, in the four episodes since then, that simple set up has changed dramatically every episode, and led to some superb twists and tense situations.

The pilot establishes a rich guy as the villain, getting away with murder, as if that’s going to be the overarching plot for the whole season. Instead it’s picked apart and inverted in a few episodes, and the jobs-of-the-week get much more inventive and entertaining as they unravel it.

Everything else I’m watching at the moment treats its series-scale plot with kid gloves, never daring to move it more than an inch in a single episode to preserve precious plot juice for the finale. Terriers goes at its own with a wrecking ball.

Basically my only complaint has been totally overturned, and unless I’m forgetting something big, this is the best new drama since Dexter Breaking Bad.

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  1. Breaking Bad! You’re forgetting Breaking Bad! The first two seasons are easily some of the best TV I’ve ever watched. I’m only not including the third because I haven’t seen it yet.

    I’m in total agreement with you about Terriers, though – I’ve never seen a show so solidly conceived right from episode one. It’s a damn shame that it’s only managed to attract about thirteen viewers. I’m almost scared to keep watching it because I don’t want to get too invested in characters that are probably going to be yanked off the air in a few weeks’ time. It’s like asking somebody on life support out on a date.

  2. I’d love this show even more if it didn’t have the same curse on it as Wonder Falls and Drive, and Firefly.
    Quirky new show breaks mold, produced by Tim Minear, airs on Fox, canceled before end of first season.

  3. On your recommendation I downloaded the first 5 episodes and watched them over the weekend.
    Thanks for the tip, it’s a great show!

  4. I got bored during the first episode (exactly as the rich man was being set up as an evil man, but not, y’know, the kind of man who would throw out trespassers…). Which episode should I skip to so I can get a better feel of the show?

  5. Thanks for post about this, I love the show.

    I remember seeing Donal Logue in this fun film called Tao of Steve. He won some award at Sundance for it, and you get to see him in a fat suit.

  6. Yeah. Had a feeling it would be, part of the reason it’s so good is that it doesn’t conform to any obvious ‘hook’.

    Satisfied with the final episode, though – more ‘final’ that most season finales.

  7. Agreed. I’d guess the writers knew that cancellation was a possibility, and wrote with that in mind.

    The good: Plot, characters, and the actors doing some campaign work to get the word out on the show.

    The bad: The name, and more importantly the lack-of-campaign by the rest of FX marketing to get the word out. Many people thought the show was about dogs.

    The next: Hope to see these people in other shows and endeavors.

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