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The grand Team Fortress 2 update goes live tomorrow night, and there’ll be more details on what it contains tonight and tomorrow. I doubt the new community map, cp_steel, will be top of your trying-out priority list, but I hope you’ll get to it eventually. It’s an intriguing, ever-changing map, in a player-driven way rather than a random way like Hydro. It’s no less puzzling than Hydro though (I’m hoping some extra signposts are added in the ‘official’ version), so this clear, simple diagram by Ankich should make everything apparent right away.

In theory:


In practise:

steel psst, ich bin's... coco is looking good!

Wait, wait, that diagram is actually helpful. Obviously you need to see it full size. An awesome Valve-style video explains the basics when you first play the map, but what you really need to know is how to play it well. How many of the map-changing points should you try for until you make a dash for the final, game-winning one?

steel psst, ich bin's... shaytan is looking good!

I’ve been playing it whenever I can, and I’m really enjoying it so far. At the moment it feels weighted towards the attackers: we had a perfect round on Blu this lunchtime, where it went into overtime as we were capping C, we got shot off C, all our progress towards capturing C was undone, and just as it hit zero a cheeky Scout lept on E: the only cap that matters. We couldn’t even hold that consistently, but I kept as many of them as I could busy at C and eventually our forces at E won out, and we won with zero seconds on the clock.

Then the teams switched and we got destroyed. So I think we were actually sucking on offense, it’s just an offense-friendly map. But blasting Scouts off that final cap in the middle of a chasm feels like what the Soldier was born to do, so defense is still fun.

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  1. I have played this map quite a bit. One excellent strategy for BLU team is to set up a sentry at B at the very beginning. Most of the bog downs occur at point B as it is the easiest to defend. If you can secure it, rest of the game becomes easier.

  2. Anyone who thinks cp_steel is difficult to navigate is likely to be afflicted with downs syndrome. Granted, the map takes a bit of getting used to, but that’s the same for all maps, and cp_steel is hardly more complex.

    Also, the main reason the map seems offensive friendly is because tons of people don’t know how to defend the map. The main thing people don’t seem to get is that every area of the map is accessible to both teams at all times, only shortcuts and blockades appear.

  3. That’s a little harsh. I don’t find it as hard to navigate as some, but there are moments when, defending your last point E, there are no signs from your spawn indicating which way E is. TF2 is unusual in having no map, so its levels need to be extra careful to explain themselves well. You have to learn every map, sure, but that takes longer when the thing keeps changing up on you.

    Like I say, it’s no less confusing than Hydro, which is TF2’s least intuitive map.

    I’m not surprised to hear it’s usually more defense-friendly than my experience: when my team lost, it was because they all defended E until the attackers were capping D, whereupon they rushed to D just in time to let E get capped. THANKS TEAM. I’ll defend the control points they’re actually going for alone, shall I?

  4. The majority of TF2’ers play the official Valve maps, and Steel is a damn sight more complex in comparison to 2Fort, Well or Dustbowl which typically have clusters of complexity around points with multiple but strictly linear routes between them. As for game mechanics, what other popular map has the same cap order as Steel?

    I would guess that most people (including me, and I don’t have Down’s) find Steel ‘difficult’ to navigate at first and that is where most impressions come from. It’s not a question of being 1337 but of recognising the difficultly curve associated with breaking old norms and establishing new rules of play – something Valve has done only very carefully.

  5. Ever since I started reaidn 1Fort and saw the cp_steel review, and the interview with the maker, I started looking for servers with it playing. I’ve played it enough, and it’s pretty even. E is the perfect size, so no one sentry reaches everywhere, and the other points are perfect, having good defense and offense positions. It may tend to go on BLU’s side a bit, but it’s nothing like Goldrush’s RED/BLU win ratio. cp_steel is agreat map. I’ve played it 4 times, and I now know most of the routes, so playing it a coupe times lets you have fun.

  6. I run one of the 24/7 cp_steel servers and I find it to be a pretty even map. There have been times when one side will totally dominate the other but that comes down to either luck or superb teamwork.

    I am actually extremly happy that its going to become a standard rotation map. Its too good not to give to the masses.

  7. I still dont know why people are confused with this map there are big arrows pointing to where people have to go.

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