What’s Happening In Kansas

For some reason your stupid country doesn’t let foreign superpowers like myself buy-in whoever we want to be State Representative in these ‘states’ of yours. But see if you can guess from their faces which one of these two candidates is evil.

Like everyone with a political agenda, I haven’t really looked into it and I know next to nothing about either candidate. But Sean Tevis’s XKCD homage makes a convincing case, and you don’t need to look into the other guy for long before you know he has to be stopped.

Tevis needs 3000 donations of $8.34 to out-finance the pink toad. No Kansas candidate has got more than 644 donors before, but he’s now on 2,894, so it’s not going to take much.

Update: He needed to get 3000 contributions in under two weeks – he got over 4,000 in two days. There’s now a short epilogue comic by way of thanks. Good job, the 1,107 Americans I apparently command.

8 Replies to “What’s Happening In Kansas”

  1. That is brilliant.

    It’s about damn time the internet finally started taking over the world. I say we send Sean to Congress next time.

  2. Its at 4,101 at the moment, good show, good show indeed. Soon the internet will decide who the next president is.

  3. Sean Tevis, looks like the kinda guy you wouldn’t mind giving a high five.
    Arlen Siegfreid, on the other hand, looks like the kinda guy who would sue you because he though you looked at him with too much sass.

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