25th Hour

I inflicted both Die Hard 2 and Legends Of The Fall on myself this weekend, both abysmal wastes of time. I would like to suggest that Die Hard 2 is to Die Hard what The Phantom Menace is to The Empire Strikes Back. I would further put it to you that most of the relentless misfortunes of the imbecilic characters in Legends Of The Fall might have been averted if there had been more than one woman in the film’s universe. I was forced to watch both because I was too tired to move once they had started, and the remote was way over there.

But! Bank holiday weekend films can end on a high note! 25th Hour, 10pm, on BBC Two. Profoundly worth watching, primarily for the hilarious DEA agent duo. But also because of Ed Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman and The Other Guy as horrifically mismatched friends. It’s mildly well-known for Ed Norton’s character’s reflection’s racist rant about New Yorkers, which is riveting in the same way as a car accident.

I have to stop writing now, or the film will actually start before I post this, and the one person who would otherwise have seen this between now and it being too late would not in fact see it at all, and it would be too late.

Edit: That DEA Agent search in full:

This sofa is not very comfortable.

Maybe it’s your posture. Posture’s very important.

No, it’s this Castro convertible. It’s very uncomfortable. It’s kinda… kinda lumpy.

Get it over with.

I just don’t understand. It looks like such a nice sofa. How much did you pay for this sofa, Ms Riviera?

Maybe it’s the padding.

Ho yeah, could be the padding.

Probably the padding. Yeah, there’s something lumpy in here, Mr. Brogan.

You know, it’s a good thing I found this? It’ll make your sofa much more comfortable to sit on.

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