Gunpoint Patch 3 Is Live On Steam And Humble Store

I’m still working hard on Gunpoint, and our third patch in two weeks just went up on Steam. I’ll update this when the Humble chaps have it up also. Details and future plans!

Update! Now live on Humble Store too.

Bug fixes

  • You can’t change the past. At least, you can’t change more than the first 11 missions of the past. At least, you can’t if you don’t have a scroll wheel on your mouse. At least, you couldn’t until this patch, which fixes that. The Up and Down keys (W/S) now work to scroll through the Previous Missions menu.
  • With apologies to Mad Men fans, knocking the final boss through his own office window no longer causes him to fall in extreme slow motion.
  • If you bought so many batteries that you can no longer afford the Gatecrashers needed for the final mission, a) wow, and b) you can now sell batteries at that point. Unless your battery fixation prevents you from parting with them, in which case your adventure ends here.
  • Due to new breakthroughs in microphone technology, Sound Detectors are now so sensitive they can even pick up gunshots. (They previously only triggered if the player was the one who fired).
  • Did you know you can patch a soundtrack? We patched the soundtrack so that the track numbering makes more sense for the Special Edition.
  • You can no longer teleport backwards through left-facing windows by pressing Down. Sorry speedrunners.

New features

  • If you’re having music problems, I feel bad for you son. So I’m working hard to fix them, and in the meantime I’ve added a button to restart the music: press M if you’re not hearing music and should be.

Future plans

Note: ‘plans’ is short for ‘things I hope to do if possible’ – don’t buy the game on the assumption any of these will happen.

  • Steam Workshop support for custom levels: looking for someone to write a plugin for this, details shortly.
  • Level editor improvements: people are like, “It crashes if you put two elevators in!” and I’m like, “I know, why do you think the levels only ever have one elevator?” But I’ll have a go at fixing stuff like that.
  • Customisable controls: I realise not having these is annoying, it’s just gonna take a while to do.
  • Conversion to Game Maker Studio: should fix some otherwise unfixable compatibility problems like the slowdown bug, and improve performance for everyone. Need help to do it, though.
  • Mac version.
  • Linux version.

Reminder! If you have a serious problem I haven’t fixed yet, I’d rather not have your money! See the tail end of this post for how to request a refund. Short version: I can definitely do it if you bought via Humble, otherwise it’s up to Steam but I’ll back you up if needed.

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  1. As fun as it is, you don’t strictly *need* Gatecrashers for the final mission – so you could just put a big warning on it but let the player get batteries to his or her heart’s content :D

  2. Hey I love this game and DON’T want a refund. However after trying to reach you on facebook I will say my annoying bug here. I am trying to make quick escape levels where you HAVE to fire your weapon and get out quick. HOWEVER there is an annoying glitch where (not in story levels) after i fire my gun i only have 1 second before the sniper shows D: I am using windows 7 64 bit with a intel hd 4000 integrated gpu. Here is a pic of the problem:

    If you could fix that this game would become infinitely better :) Oh, and I love the thought of a linux port and steam workshop level support. Thanks for making a fantastic game :D

  3. Glad to see you’re puttin the work in for Steam Workshop. Can’t wait to have the community’s work easily accessible.

    One thing I suggest is some more robust editing to the level editor. Some pre-mission dialog and a few extra tilesets could go a long way.

  4. Gessler now falls to his death like a normal person, however there is a curious bug in the last level where you’re simply skipped past all the obstacles and are now by the stairwell that leads to Hightower.

  5. Wait, you needed the Gatecrashers to finish the final level? I (somehow) did it without knocking down any doors, so there’s that.

  6. Looking forward to the Steam Workshop. Also hope you’ll expand the level editor a bit to make things a little better/easier with layers, adding missing decors and maybe allowing some re-wiring in the editor for advanced functionality and traps. I love the game and I love making maps for it.

  7. First – you rock. Totally.

    Second – sorry for reporting this here, but I don’t have nor want a Steam account to post, and I suspect it’s specific to the non-steam version, anyway.

    I purchased the “special edition” (the middle one for $20) and run the DRM free version. I was surprised to find that after the intro stuff, no more pre-mission dialogue happens (even the demo stuff doesn’t happen), and indeed, the Scripts directory doesn’t contain anything beyond that in the zip I downloaded from Humble Bundle. Looks like something wasn’t built correctly?

  8. Afraid I have another one to add: Playing full-screen in a resolution lower than my usual desktop (which I’d prefer so things are bigger) actually changes my desktop resolution. Not just if I alt-tab out, but in general.

    That in turn messes up carefully arranged windows and their sizes which is quite a pita.

  9. Incredibly fun game to play!
    I hope, in the future, that the level editor gets more advanced. As much as I love making levels for this game, I find it too restricting as opposed to what levels you encounter in the campaign.

    Anyway; your ongoing effort in tackling bugs and adding new features is much appreciated. Cheers! :)

  10. Fantastic game. But like someone else said, as soon as I started the final level, I was on the stairwell RIGHT BEFORE the end. Seems like you were just testing the slowmo fall glitch that you patched, but forgot to move the guy to the proper starting spot. I may or may not just have ran straight up there.

  11. But I was wondering if you are going to add many more things to the editor, even though awesome it is limited. If you are then just that’s something I can’t wait to see :)

  12. I’m curious to know if there are any plans to extend the level editor to allow access to entities that need external programs to edit in such as the noise detector. It’s not too much of a problem, but it’d be nice if everything was in the level editor that is in game.

  13. For the level editor, it would be cool if you could customize dialogue and mission descriptions. Also, sound sensors and more decor would be nice.

    I found a glitch in the level editor, where if you put a guard on top of a glass ceiling, the guard spawns on the ground below it. Maybe that’s because people with common sense shouldn’t walk on glass ceilings…

  14. A pre-dialog editing for your missions would be cool. I’d also like to be able to chain up my levels to make my own story. That would be awesome! Thanks for a great game, and also. Faster then you ;)

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