A stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

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Tell us about it! Literally do tell us about it, or nothing will happen.

Yes, You Can Monetise Videos You Make Of This Game

Here's the formal permission bit.



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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

An Update About Monetising Videos Of Gunpoint, And Testing

We now have a slightly staggering 5,500 people signed up to test Gunpoint, and I haven’t sent a build out for ages. This means I get more e-mail about it than I can respond to, so here’s a quick FAQ:

Can you give me permission to publish videos from Gunpoint and make money from them in a really formal-sounding and unnatural way that will appease YouTube?

I, Tom Francis, hereby grant permission for anyone to make videos of Gunpoint and to monetise them. All of the music and art for the game was created for the game at my commission, I have full rights to grant this permission, and no-one else has any copyright claim to any of the game’s content that could supersede this permission.

I didn’t get a test build! Did you miss me out?

Nope, there hasn’t been one in a long time!

Can I have the last one?

I’ve got all the feedback I need on that one, thanks!

When will the next one be?

I have no idea! I never do! Until the actual moment I send it out, any one of a million things could go wrong.

The new problem is: I can’t process 5,500 people’s feedback. And with each new version, I’d like to get lots of fresh testers’ opinions – people who haven’t played before. So it doesn’t make much sense to send every version out to everyone.

There’s no particularly great way to split up the testing list, so I’ll go with the most logical: the people who signed up first get the first build, the next batch the second, and so on. Let me clear up any possible confusion with another edifying FAQ:

Which batch am I in?

I don’t know!

When will I get a build?

I don’t know!

Will people who get one build also get future ones?

I don’t know!

I would like to stress that testing Gunpoint is really a way for you to do me a favour, by giving your input and helping to make the game better. If you don’t want to do me a favour, that’s OK! Don’t sign up! Or unsubscribe! If you do, thanks, and sorry for the copious uncertainty.

Bmandk: I'd love to help testing this more, even though it's been since february or something the last build came out. Hopefully more testing and feedback will come soon, since this game really has potential, especially if multiplayer support is included.

Pireninja: I don't do it to do you a favour as much as to get an oppotunity to play the latest version of your fantastic game. Obviously I must send you valid data otherwise I'm wasting your time, but none the less, I'm part of the test corps in order to play the game.

Philippe: I don't know if it will work with your dev setup, but you can use Google to collect stats for games. There are other platforms.

Tim Hudson: I think that you can distribute your builds most easily, and cheaply, via bittorent. As for gathering bug data and QA information you could set up a web form with a couple of fillable fields.

seymour: how is feedback gathered? might it be a good idea to gather it with an online survey or something?

Kyros: There's a MUCH better way to distribute builds and gather feedback in an aggregated form - and it doesn't even require coding or anything else; Deploy a survey solution, couple it with a download mirror (or three) and wrap it all up with MailChimp or any other nifty way to notify people. Click on the linked website and hit me up - I can throw you together a solution in 48 hours.

RetiredSphinx: Only 5,500? I'm surprised it's that few. I reckon that means you got my feedback from the last build, then, which is awesome. I love beta-testing stuff.
I actually thought you weren't sending out builds any more in favor of keeping stuff fairly secret, which I wasn't blaming you for. Maybe you should make the beta-testing fairly closed, as in you select a couple hundred people at random... but with this many people, that'd make everyone's chances of getting an actual build fairly low.
A bug tracker (like mantis, bugzilla, etc) may be your best option, since then people would be able to see what bugs had been reported already, and what bugs weren't found yet before reporting. It would also have the benefit of bug priorities, so you could work on severe ones before tackling minor ones. Just a thought to help keep everything organized. Good luck! :)

cswider: Maybe it isn't the best way to do it, but I really like the way Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, are are doing bug testing.
They are releasing "snapshots" and then the community is reporting bugs and glitches on the Minecraft Reddit page.

Gunpoint even has its own reddit page already! ...r/gunpoint
(shameless mod plug)

Zuriki: Love the game idea.
Hate the mailing list beta.

It's so obstructive and annoying it's driven me to scouring for illegal downloads - something I would never otherwise do; especially not with an indie game!

Ward: TotalBiscuit made a spotlight of it.. expect that 5500 to go up at least 300% if not A LOT more.

BlooYed: Though i love the Game i realy dont think that it would help you testing, just sending it too some people. Like cswider said before me, it would be better if you just give us a link too a "snapshot", it would make a bunch of people happy when you just give it out on a not waiting base'd level.

Furiadocha: Saw the game, it's a great creative puzzle game, it's awesome the fact you need to think sometimes "out of the box".
Keep it up hoping for a build to test :D

Sjcodan: Cant wait to give it a shot! as much as I love TB, watching him play puzzle games like this is just painful.

leon: i like how the game look it will a good game :)

WC: You missed one:

Can I preorder and get copies of the test builds?

Seriously, I think there are a lot of us that would gladly put down money for this already. I know you can't use that much input into the game right now, and that would be noisy for you, but... Seriously, consider letting us in on it.

You might also consider adding an in-game survey, GW2-style. Allow people to rate each mission on a scale of 1-5 for difficulty, fun, etc etc. When you update a mission, wipe the feedback and collect some more.

Just a thought! I'm off to join the email list.

HaloGuy: This game will be the greatest stealth game.

Bongers: A way to get most/all of the people who signed up for testing involved would be with a Q&A on the site or into the game itself.

Simple questions like;
How enjoyable was the game?
How difficult was the game?
Etc. etc.

It would make it easier to get more testers, aswell as making the feedback process more smooth.

Taimaishoo: The Cynical Fleet has arrived. Prepare for deployment.

On a serious note, I hope you're considering hired help. This game looks very promising, but if the momentum of success is too great already, you're gonna get flooded pretty soon.

You have a good thing here, don't **** it up!

astromek: Love the game idea.
I'd definitely spend some moneys on this, either in-game (extra upgrades, soundtracks, levels, level creator...?) or a few for the game itself if updates, to an extent, is free.

Weirell: Nice game.

I would easy pay for this game, are u thinking of making one able to preordering the game, like paying now to get beta and som cash to you for development? ( Like Starfarer )

Thx anyways

Weirell ( a cynical follower )

Bugzy416: Indies have me excited, from what i have seen so far in this title unique and something i would like to test myself, between Gunpoint and Wolfire's Overgrowth this years indies are looking great! keep it up

reece: how do you run it guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous(sticklegend5): I hope this game turns out great as it looks good so far so it isn't likely to be bad

Ryker: Saw this game on /v/, 4chan, looks great! Everyone else thought so too.

Michael: this game looks soooooo cool- id be willing to pay like $20 - 30 (USD) for this!!! or just take donations - keep up the good work :D

Alexander: As a game the concept is fantastic.Together with the art and music it feels very indie and rather retro.
My ideas in this particular moment are jumbled up for I did not play the game yet but seen gameplay footage on the internet.
The 8-bit style characters blend in good with the background it's not a character over a wallpaper it seems like a part of the game(all the doors furniture etc.).I also like the 2.5D style you gave to the game.
That's for the game.As for the way testing works I simply don't realize a better solution.You don't want to give your game to the public so soon because you will be flooded with information.I've really said too much.

Luis Diaz: Where Is The Download For The Test!

Palagic Catalin: You should just make a Dropbox account and put your builds of the geme there, then make it public so peaole can download it at any time without you having to send them.

Bob: Please give me a link for build I want to play that game!

Cipher: Is their going to be another beta release or are you getting close to a final build?

Jp Merida: Wow! Awesome game. I saw it on YouTube.
Can't wait for the official release! :)

Well, I have great patients.. I've subscribe.. I know there is many more people waiting to download it.

=I've said too much

jimboy: I have signed up for the beta testing a few months ago. Can anybody tell me how to actually play the game?

Awwkaw: @Jimboy, sory but no, i've got it the same way theou (or more like haven't got it). but the game looks awsome thou

Andrew Diebolt: Your game looks friggin' awesome!
Take all the time you need and don't the demanding comments get you down!

Caleb West: You need to put Gunpoint on kickstarter. I'm telling you, this could be your full time job.

Lots of people like indie games, and I am loving the few minutes I saw online. A game like this is basically Kickstarter bait. I know I would pour about everything I have into this. If only you would let us.

For your sake and ours, put up a Kickstarter, or at least a preorder forum like Wolfire games.

anon: Put this up on Kickstarter, you have no idea how much money you could make. I know several people willing to donate. Look into Kickstarter.

Jason L: http://www.pentadact... ...ckstarter/

C. Michael Gibson: The game looks fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished product. Keep at it! :)

Shad0wgales: 5,500? that's small. A game like this deserves more. You should join greenlight on steam to get more visibility.

somebody: my gunpoint program is not showing as a program instead it is showing as a vcf file helpp!??

Builderb: This looks like a really awesome puzzle/adventure kind of game from what i saw on utube gamersdissent hope this game comes out putting this on my website so come join me at

Builderb: http://www.builderb....

tyler: This game seems amazing

Duke Rooster: Awesome game man, many compliments.

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