Gunpoint Patch 1, And Ongoing Support Plans

I’ve finished Gunpoint’s first patch and made it live on Steam this morning. Here’s what it fixes!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug preventing the game from rightly chastising you for excessively punching the same guard.
  • No longer possible to upgrade your trousers so much that they break the concept of linear time (divide by zero error).
  • Ryan Ike is now more talkative on Mission 5.
  • Fixed a bug that rendered the game unable to cope with how cool you look walking backwards into a subway with your gun drawn, leading to a crash.
  • Fixed an interesting bug that caused problems if you played on two different PCs that have the same desktop resolution but different install drives. Well, not that interesting.

New features:

  • Press F4 to toggle windowed mode anytime. This was already there, but we forgot to tell anyone.

But Tom, the fix I need isn’t any of those! Why do you hate me?

I don’t! I just haven’t had time to fix everything yet. This is my first game, and it’s reached an awful lot of people, and PCs are weird and different. We tested Gunpoint with over 5,000 people, but now it’s reached rather more, and it’s hard to catch everything.

I have made a list of steps you can try for any problem that may fix it.

This isn’t going to be a release-and-forget kind of thing, though. I’m working full-time to keep making it better now, and here are my top priorities:

1. Making it easier to change resolution
You can already change resolution any time between missions, but I realise the game doesn’t communicate that during a mission. So if you try a resolution on the first menu, then confirm it, then realise it’s wrong, then don’t see an option to change it mid-mission, it’s easy to panic.

Changing res mid-mission would reset the mission, which is why I left it out, but I think now it might be better to let you do that if you’re sure – or at least communicate how to.

I may also add a shortcut key to jump back to the resolution select menu in windowed mode, in case you get stuck in one that doesn’t let you click on the necessary things to do that.

2. Looking into a slowdown thing
Some people with fast machines are finding it runs slowly.

I have no earthly idea why this would be the case, but what I’ll do is put together a special demo that includes some options for changing the way the game handles the flow of time, the cursor, and the frame rate. If anyone affected finds one of these works, we’ll be on our way to fixing it.

In the meantime, it helps a lot if you can tell me your machine’s operating system and specs here.

3. A crash about ‘trigger deleted’
This is something Game Maker games have been known to throw up if they’re huge, or the system doesn’t have enough memory. Apparently it gets mixed up and starts looking for things that aren’t there – Gunpoint doesn’t actually use any triggers.

Again, I’ll try to put together a special test demo with a few things ripped out to see if we can at least determine a culprit. In the meantime, it helps a lot if you can tell me your machine’s operating system and specs here.

Beyond that
In order to bring Gunpoint to Mac and Linux – which is my intention but not yet guaranteed – it needs to be converted to Game Maker: Studio. This isn’t trivial, but once it’s done, it may solve a bunch of problems just from being a better suite. It may also run much faster on lower spec machines, which’d be awesome.

I’d much rather have your trust than your money, so if anyone has a game-stopping problem and would rather have a refund than wait for a fix, I’m checking with Valve to see if we can do that and find out how it works.

If you bought on Humble, I can do it for you right now – just write to me at and tell me the e-mail you supplied when you bought it. Absolutely no trouble, no questions asked, and if I ever fix the issue, I’ll release a new demo so you can check if it works.

It’s only a tiny percentage of people reporting these issues, but that’s zero help if you’re one of them, so I wanna do everything I can to make it OK with you.

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  1. This is awesome, the last bit about refunds is half the reason why this project has been so great, and why I bought the game immediately.

    It’s wonderful, keep up the hard work.

  2. A crash about ‘trigger deleted’
    The error you are getting is erroneous and almost certainly caused by a resource pointing to the wrong memory location.

    Try disabling each thing loaded in turn. You may have to write in a temp patch to keep things in-game but it should help you track down the cause. I suspect it it will have something to do with a resource being loaded into the wrong memory address, thus messing things up to the extent not even the de-bugger can assist.

    Looking into a slowdown thing
    Make sure that in Game maker you have not enabled Vsync.
    Global Game settings / resolution.
    Uncheck the “Use synchronization to avoid tearing” option.

    In general, make sure that you have not checked the option “Treat uninitialized variables as value 0”. Doing so may hide weird programmation problems, which will eventually pop up and be 100% incomprehensible.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I’m not sure, but maybe I have an idea about one problem:

    2. Looking into a slowdown thing

    I had the same problem, when I started Gunpoint with my PC. I could fix this by plugging in my controller and the game ran at normal speed, after I restarted it. Maybe that could help the others out?

    The reason why I came up with this solutions are some other games, which are created with Game Marker – if I’m not wrong Gunpoint is created by Game Maker, too, isn’t it? Well, I had the same problem with Hotline Miami, Megaman x Street Fighter and Home, which are all Game Maker-games – if, again, I’m not wrong. It seems there is a generall problem with Game Maker-games.

    Hope this had been helpfull.

  4. Is there a way to get the patch for the not-Steam version? (That is, is the Humble Store updated with the new version?)

  5. This game is great, but your level editor is very limited. Comparing it to some of the levels found in the campaign, there are background textures, puzzle features (the sound detector), predetermined size limitations (of maps and zones) and the ability to make a mission briefing for custom maps missing from it. I understand that to implement all of these features will take time, but I, and many others will agree, that a complete level editor is what will make this game famous. There will be much opportunity to develop this game, but this is what concerns me most. Thank you for reading!

  6. I have to agree with Flesh Wound; though I’m having different issues (trying to build buildings that have weird shapes which don’t fit the zones, wanting smaller bits to work with in building design, possibly being able to write in laptop blurbs, and not being able to place anything on the far left due to it being deleted (I suspect this has to do with the fact that it won’t place things if you, say, simply click on a thing you want to place, so that things can be deleted in that way), and even wanting to link electronics together before loading the level, though I suspect that last one has more to do with how the entire game handles maps, not just us missing assets). Still, fleshing out the level editor a bit more in any way at some point would be great, although I have to say, you’ve done a pretty good job with it already.

  7. Head’s up: I have experienced very few issues with the game. I love this game, and I honestly believe you have some magic here.

    While there are some glitches now and then, they are all survivable and fine – the real thing I wish to address is the ability to SHARE custom missions. I recommend you look into getting a Steam Workshop for Gunpoint, or at least some other easy method for level-sharing. On top of that, I have encountered people who would like to custom-link in the editor.

    Keep the magic going, mate.

  8. I bought this game the day it came out and was not disappointed. Once Steam Workshop is integrated, I imagine the result would rather be like Portal 2’s workshop, people coming up with interesting and difficult challenges and sharing them with the community.

    On a side note, I’ll be one of the first in line to throw money at a possible sequel, if it is ever made.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to create this amazing game. It’s really fun and clever. I love the depth in how you can approach each mission the way you feel fit and you get rewarded based upon how badass you are. Also the fact you used game maker, that’s pretty awesome. I didn’t know such an awesome game could be achieved. I also am thankful that games like this can still be made among the big AAA games and people are still wanting to play unique games like this.

  10. Quick question: what if we bought the game through the Humble Store instead of Steam? Do we get a bug patch? If so, how? Love the game.

  11. Hi.
    I have an idea about the “slowdown thing”. In this fantastic age, it’s not unusual that computers may have more than one graphics card (this is more often on fast machines, one card dedicated, one integrated). And this may cause troubles, when system decided to run some game on integrated card. I don’t know how game loop is made in gamemaker, but if it isn’t completely framerate independent, it may cause these slowdowns.

    I have NVIDIA graphics card and Intel processor with integrated graphics, and I experienced this problem with Magicka, Super Meat Boy and many others (sorry, I still didn’t bought Gunpoint, it will be first thing to do after my paycheck :) ).

    So maybe people can try to explicitly set graphics card for Gunpoint (at least NVIDIA drivers allows that) and see, if that will resolve the problem.

    BTW.: Do you plan to share some sales statistics? It would be interesting to see how big success the game is. Thank you.

  12. I was debating whether to buy the special edition or the standard, and decided to go straight in with the special edition to give you some extra support. Doing this game alone must’ve been difficult so I’m gonna try and support as much as possible.

    From what I’ve played, I love it. No issues thus far, and it’s nice to see those messages when you punch a guard too many times finally show up after the patch.

  13. A little thing I already mentioned in the bèta (if I remember correct). Will there be an update to map your own keys? I don’t like it to put my keyboard in qwerty every time I start playing (and a lot of people). The arrows also aren’t fun to play with.
    For the rest, I liked the game in bèta and it was an instant buy for me :).

  14. I sincerely hope those are the actual patch notes. Not enough developers take the piss in them

  15. This is an excellent game but I have a few gripes which I assume to be bugs.

    The Resolver never reloads between missions. All you get is six bullets.

    Batteries have to be rebought. Since you only have a fixed and limited pool of money you can’t afford to experiment and it’s possible, if unlikely, to render the game unwinnable

  16. I pirated this game.

    Then I played it.

    Then I completed it.

    Then I bought it — because your game is everything a game should be.

  17. Looks like an interesting game, unfortunately can’t play it because I’m only getting 1024×600 and 1280×720 resolutions in white, but both off center ( as if zoomed in ), other resolutions are screwed up.
    playing on a 1080p TVvia HDMI
    any way to fix this?!

  18. @Inspector Gesicht: Actually, the game can never become unwinnable, per se. All of the missions, including the final one, can be beaten entirely without upgrades and gadgets. The bullet limit was an intentional design decision there to make bullets important and a big deal, if I recall correctly.

    You can restock batteries for free by replaying missions that have battery pickups. I would prefer them to refill between missions, myself.

  19. This is the best game I’ve played since Hotline Miami. I was sad when I finished the game as I wished it had more levels. Hopefully more levels are in the works or a sequel :)

  20. I ran into a few bugs playing with the level editor. Having more than one set of elevators were not functioning, and if I stacked stairways 3 or more floors in a row, you would go down one at a time, but you go up 2 floors at a time. Just wanted you to know.

  21. For anyone having display issues just tick “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” in the game’s exe properties

    hope this helps

  22. I know it’s early to ask this, but I freakin’ loved the game. Are there plans for more levels, or a sequel, or anything of that nature?

  23. Your game is great! I love it. But I have a problem. I want to translate this game to my own language(Turkish). But how ? Language files don’t exist completely in scripts folder. (For Example, where is the “to continue press space” log ? How can I reach all the log files to translate them ?Can you help me about this ?

  24. Hi Tom,

    I know this is an old post now, but did you ever find a solution to your priority point number 2 – the game slowing down on faster machines?

    I bought the game on steam a couple of years ago and it was slow then and decided to wait for a patch/fix rather than ask for a refund (as I’d been excited about playing it since I saw your youtube trailer many years before).

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find (or sieve through enough of all the comments on the internet to find) if there was ever a solution and I would STILL love to play it.

    I’d even be happy to buy it somewhere else if necessary if that made a difference, but I just want to play it, you know? :)

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