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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


By me. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

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    There are a lot of these, and I think I’m watching them all. Let me know if I missed one, I will watch basically anything with this concept.



    Woman 1: daughter of a wrongly convicted terrorist.
    Woman 2: juvenile offender.

    Why switch? Both need a fresh start. Which should mean that switching achieves nothing, but oh well.

    Is one of them rich and the other poor? Yes.

    Does one of them find she’s better at living the other’s life? Yes, both.

    Does one of them fall in love with the other’s boyfriend? Yes.

    Does one of them turn out to be in terrible trouble despite their perfect-seeming life? No, actually.

    What’s the quirk? This is the only one where the two women aren’t related and don’t look alike: they switched identities when they were young and no-one knew them.

    Ridiculousness: actually quite low – they switched when neither had much of a life to slip into, so it’s believable that everyone they know now accepts their stated identities.

    Fun: low, it takes itself pretty seriously.

    Actually any good? Quite. Awful narration, but lead character is pleasantly vicious.



    Woman 1: drug abuser in the witness protection program.
    Woman 2: her twin sister, an affluent socialite.

    Why switch? Socialite vanishes, presumed dead, witness uses her identity to hide from pursuers.

    Is one of them rich and the other poor? Yes.

    Does one of them find she’s better at living the other’s life? Yes.

    Does one of them fall in love with the other’s boyfriend? Yes.

    Does one of them turn out to be in terrible trouble despite their perfect-seeming life? Haha, yes.

    What’s the quirk? The switch isn’t mutual, which leads to some awkwardness.

    Ridiculousness: extreme. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s only way of expressing nervousness is to speak while rapidly exhaling and looking down, but everyone seems OK with this. A federal agent is actively investigating the disappearance of her identical twin by repeatedly interviewing her, finding her weirdly unfamiliar with her own life, and never suspects a thing.

    Fun: absolutely – probably the silliest both in feasibility and sheer barrage of major, untenable plot developments.

    Actually any good? No, terrible. But in a fun way.

    The Lying Game

    The Lying Game 2

    Woman 1: sweet kid in a bad foster home.
    Woman 2: her twin sister, an affluent high school socialite.

    Why switch? Socialite asks twin to fill in for her while she goes hunting for their birth parents.

    Is one of them rich and the other poor? Yes.

    Does one of them find she’s better at living the other’s life? Yes.

    Does one of them fall in love with the other’s boyfriend? Yes.

    Does one of them turn out to be in terrible trouble despite their perfect-seeming life? Not really.

    What’s the quirk? It’s the rich one who wants the switch, at least initially.

    Ridiculousness: medium. She doesn’t really attempt to act like the entitled jerk she’s replacing, and she’s trying to fool her sister’s adoptive parents every day. But since the rich sister is out of town, there’s not much awkward clashing.

    Fun: yep, in a high school drama sort of way.

    Actually any good? Not really.

    Orphan Black

    Orphan Black 2

    Woman 1: deadbeat rocker mum.
    Woman 2: I enjoyed the moment this is revealed, so I won’t spoil it. Safe to say she has money, though.

    Why switch? The mum is broke, wants money to run off and make a fresh start with her daughter.

    Is one of them rich and the other poor? Yes.

    Does one of them find she’s better at living the other’s life? No, to a hilarious extent.

    Does one of them fall in love with the other’s boyfriend? Not as far as I’ve seen.

    Does one of them turn out to be in terrible trouble despite their perfect-seeming life? Yes.

    What’s the quirk? Again, I think they’re best left unspoiled. There are several.

    Ridiculousness: high.

    Fun: enormously. Milks all the drama, humour and panic imaginable out of a single identity switch.

    Actually any good? Yep, brilliant. Freakishly good performances from the lead, mad plot, fun characters, lots of mysteries.

    Ankur: Glad you mentioned Orphan Black. It's the best thing I've seen on TV for a very long time. But they burn through story so quickly (a very good thing) that I'm not sure where they will go in season 2 (unsure if this is a good thing).

    Also, what do you make of the latest episode of the Newsroom? I'm not convinced by the new format, but guess it could get better.

    Johannes: Note that if you google for Orphan Black, Wikipedia will instantly reveal the plot for you in the first sentence, so DON'T DO IT!

    Tom C: Legend, Orphan Black has been getting a few good reviews, so I'll add it to my weekly watch list. Cheers T-dawg

    Adrian: For the "small bites": There's an episode from the television show House ("Alone") that features a similar theme, as well as an episode from CSI: NY ("And Here's To You"). And from real life, if you're interested: the story of Whitney Cerak: there was a two-hour special about it on Dateline NBC, another hour on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and it was also featured on the Today Show.

    BTW, Tom: sorry for the spam, but how can I contact you in official matters regarding The Gunpoint??

    Caleb: Here in Canada, Space channel spoiled the main twist of Orphan Black during the commercials they aired during the run-up :/

    On the other hand, they didn't say anything regarding my favourite twist: Appearances by Max Headroom actor Matt Frewer!

    INespañolporfavor: I only know The Parent Trap (ss), and I have to assume that everyone knows them... You have to do a game with that argument (?

    Daniel: So I'm not the one who noticed :) this happens almost every 1-2 years, almost all networks coming out with shows almost at the same time, ranging from thematically similar to identical. I also pretty much agree with your verdicts.

    Revenge is a great show. I don't mind the narration. Some actors are a bit over-the-top, but there are enough good ones to give you a break. And I like how morally ambiguous is is.

    Ringer... Gellar just shouldn't act, she was never any good at it. The story was ridiculous, but in contrast to other similar shows, at least it was paced well. Things kept happening instead of repeating.

    I couldn't bear a lot of The Lying Game. It started out okay but became too Teenie even for my tastes very quickly. I missed Orphan Black, only saw the pilot. It seemed okay -- it's rare for shows with BBC involvement to be a full miss. But I saw it was listed as Sci-Fi, which is probably why I stopped watching. I can't stand sci-fi and fantasy, so if it's too "out there", I will end up not caring for it anyway.