Maybe You Should Make The Crosslink Noise For Gunpoint

Competition / unpaid labour time! In Gunpoint, you break into buildings by rewiring things to each other. You switch to Crosslink mode, the blue outline view below, and drag connections from one device to another to link them.

I want a really satisfying, fun, excitingly electronic noise for when you switch into this mode. There’s a great web app called BFXR by Dr Petter and the incomparable increpare, for doing stuff like that. You just hit the randomise button a lot, drag some sliders around, and you can ‘Copy link’ to send it to someone as a URL. Here’s a weird one I just made.

Since that’s how I was gonna make the Crosslink noise anyway, and it’s easy to do, I thought it might be fun to see if you wanna come up with something yourself. Have a play around with BFXR, then when you’re happy with it, click Copy Link and send the URL to me – either via e-mail, or as an @GunpointGame reply on Twitter.

The only prize is making Gunpoint slightly better, getting your name in the credits, and sorta feeling like you did something today, if you don’t already. To be totally clear: don’t send me a link to your sound unless you’re happy for me to use it. That would be weird.

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  1. I remember messing around with Sfxr when Spelunky came out. (Not sure if Derek Yu mentioned it.)

    Some sounds:


    Buzz “on”

    Buzz “off”

    I like the more electricity sounding ones. Wanted to get one that sounded like night-vision goggles but couldn’t get anywhere near. And I guess that would be a bit too cheesy. :P

    It looks like the website field is cutting people’s URLs to 200 chars. So I’ve just pasted mine straight in.

  2. Did this one just now off of Arctem’s. (hope you don’t mind). This is surprisingly enjoyable, although sometimes you can kill your ears.

  3. Chris: That sounds a lot cleaner than mine, and definitely less harsh on the ears after repeated listens. I like it!

  4. Made a bunch of different sounds using a single template, because I don’t know just what you’re looking for, and I didn’t test the game. At first I went for long sounds but I realized it would be annoying, so I kept them short.

    This is a fun one, you can mess with the frequency to make it really sound different, my best one I think :

    Another one:

    This one is close to what I originally had in mind but I guess isn’t what you’re looking for (I had a better version but it’s lost forever):

    Also, cats!

  5. OK the cats refuse to work :(
    I swear I’m copying the link. I saw them in my comment box. But when posted the link gets messed up.

  6. I’m not Tom, but it’s being made in Game Maker. Until and unless Game Maker builds for those operating systems that would require a complete rewrite in a less newbie development environment, which seems incredibly unlikely.

    Although if it’s successful enough maybe GameLoft will make an OK ripoff.

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