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This is a split shot showing how the same level looks normally and in Crosslink mode. Crosslink mode is what you switch to to rewire the electronic bits of a building: you can see what everything’s hooked up to, and drag these connections around to make the level work the way you want it to.

Gunpoint Steam Screenshot 6

Gunpoint Steam Screenshot 1

Gunpoint Steam Screenshot 2

Gunpoint Steam Screenshot 3

Gunpoint Steam Screenshot 4

Gunpoint Steam Screenshot 5

Everyone in Gunpoint dies in one gunshot – even you – and the guards are extremely accurate. A good plan doesn’t involve giving them the chance to shoot at you. This – this was a bad plan.

The colours that devices glow tells you what circuit they’re on. Things on different circuits can’t be linked to each other, and some high security circuits require you to get to their circuit box and tap into them manually before you can rewire stuff. There’ll be a colourblind mode where circuits are distinguished by symbols, too.

If you can get the jump on them, you can throw yourself into guards pretty hard. Windows won’t stop you.

Guess I got shot a lot testing this level.

You can use Crosslink mode to set up ridiculously elaborate chain reactions, and even infinite loops of devices triggering each other. I try to make sure that the super advanced stuff is never necessary to progress, but there are always extra things to achieve with finesse solutions. This one isn’t a finesse solution, it’s just me connecting a bunch of shit up to make the wires look pretty.

You slide a bit when you land from a powerful jump. I don’t have anything intellectually interesting to say about this, it just feels really cool – particularly if you slip off the edge of a roof and land flat on your face.

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  1. Thumbs up for colorblind mode! It always warms my heart when a developer plans that out ahead of time rather than having to be nagged about it after release. ;-)

  2. Looking really awesome! It’s exciting seeing it all come together bit by bit. It’s very motivating to me in regards to any games I might be making.

    Have you given much thought to audio? This would all be even better with a cool, stealthy background track, with a fade-in to a more panicked one if you’d been found out (a la Metal Gear Solid’s ALERT music or Total Annihilation’s building/battle music transition).

    Stuff like footsteps and the hum of computers and servers would be a nice touch, too.

  3. Looking fantastic Tom, really love the art style, and the ability to hurl yourself onto a guard and subsequently out of a window sounds hilarious.

  4. We always knew you had compelling ideas, but it’s great to see a game that now looks compelling purely from visual perspective as well.

  5. Looks awesome – more games need the ability to dive out the window holding onto bad people. Closest I can remember is in Butcher Bay ( and that was just a cut scene.

    PS: It’s difficult to read comments against the background? Maybe decrease the transparency of the comments section?

    PPS: The above isn’t meant as a dig – the redesign is awesome.

  6. Great work! Very much looking forward to it.

    Hope, the final game will end up being exactly like your original vision.

  7. Cheers everyone! Rei: Yeah, Graham told me this and then I didn’t fix it. Have now, hopefully. For some reason on my home monitor it was always clear, but on others it was pretty bad.

  8. One hit kills, eh?

    Seems you’ve been suggesting that forever. Now we will see the beauty of your vision. Or die in one hit.

    Both work.

  9. Looking great! can’t wait to see what the final version will be like. Also… any chance of a randomly generated office to sneak through? That would be awesome.

  10. Love the look of this game. I would’ve definitely paid for it. Perhaps you can continue working on it with paid expansions or something. :)

  11. I just watched your old video on RPS and I thought the main thing missing was for the guards to make some sound or have some other reaction to being held at gunpoint that is as amusing as jumping through windows or punching guards you’ve pounced on.

  12. Man this is crazy, I don’t know how you figured out how to program stuff like little slides after strong jumps and the whole crosslink thing. You should be really proud of your self for getting this far.

    Sweet job on the artwork too, it reminds me a bit of Flashback, which is cool.

  13. When I first saw the screen shot, I was reminded of a very old game, where two spies had to set traps on doors etc and get “something” before the other person did. I wonder if this could be a relation, a new improved version?

  14. That game: Spy Vs. Spy, on just about every 8-bit era machine. It’s a pure multiplayer strategy/memory arena game. Gunpoint’s a pure singleplayer puzzle-platformer with authored levels. Aside from setting traps on doors, I can’t say I see any reasonable connection. You set traps on doors in every adventure game, for example.

  15. Thanks to you have a new fan. And I have a new game to look forward too!

    This game is very impressive, both in graphics and in design. Being an aspiring game designer/programmer myself I know how hard it is to come up with ideas that are elegant and simple yet at the same time offer deep and engaging gameplay. Woe to those who think game design is easy.

    ..Just looked at the ‘submit’ button…I’m liking this website more and more. Cheers mate!

  16. My goodness, if this were released for iOS it would probably be one of the best-selling games on the platform immediately.

  17. Looking cool! I always love games like this!
    What are the system requirements going to be like?
    Keep up the good work!

  18. Not sure if you ever solved the whole no-good-explanation-for-the-crosslink thing, but I recall a “isn’t the future super grand?” type special mentioning smart wiring, where you could slap a switch down on a power pad and it would communicate wirelessly with it sintended destination, or via an ethernet-like signaling system, which saves money on updating wiring, I suppose.

    Anyway, this game is looking great! I didn’t know what happened after that (incredibly freaking hilarious) initial video that I fell in love with, but it looks like things are going absolutely swimmingly. Keep it up! I’ve got my eye on this.

  19. Looks great, and I admire the concept! =)

    Reminds me of Propellerheads Reason music production program. You have what looks like racks of audio devices in front of you, and if you hit tab on the keyboard, it flips the devices around revealing all the inputs/outputs and wires. Then you can rewire everything, just like in this game.

    I’ll be looking into this more.

  20. Oh beejeezus that looks sweet!
    I go away for a week and come back to awesomery that is Gunpoint news! Fantastic. I really couldn’t wait for this but now…I might just pee a little.

  21. Platform: PC only at first really means Windows only at first, isn’t it?
    Anyway, looks very nice and promising!

  22. I just watched the video on RPS, PLLEEEEEEAAASSSSEEEE don’t change the sound effects for the punching. I almost fell off my chair when I first saw the “jump onto a guard and beat him senseless” attack. It sounds like someone being hit with a moist fish, and it’s amazing, please keep it!

  23. Looks like if Vox Populi, Vox Dei had a few too many drinks with Trilby – The Art of Theft… and that’s a very good thing. The full thing should be quite the interesting….

    Any chances of a level editor in a later release?

  24. Goddamn it man, your windows breaker has been picked up by the ars technicaians, god knows what they’ll do. Praise, compliment maybe even encourage!

  25. i second the request for a level editor. would provide endless fun. but mainly i just want this released.

  26. This looks pretty dang cool. I’m getting serious “Art of Theft” vibes, and in a good way. It’s like someone took that idea and dialed it up to eleven. The ability to tackle guards out of windows is what REALLY interests me, and not for the obvious reason; it shows a nice touch of detail that adds character to the game. I’m hoping you add a lot more similar touches, so that we have, like, half a thousand options of how to tackle each scenario, ranging from the effective to the hilariously complex.

  27. The game looks great, it’s a fantastic concept and you should definitely be charging for it. I use a Mac so I can’t put my money where my mouth is, but this certainly looks worth paying for.

  28. Game looks really fun. Im thinkin 10-15 would totally be worth it if its gonna have a decently long campaign. I saw a concern about balancing single solution and multi solution puzzles, and I wanted to say making most of the levels multi solution but adding achievements or some other incentive to find every solution to the puzzles would be cool and add replay value. Looking foreward to playing.

  29. Definitely a purchase from me. I think you’ll probably want to chat with the Humble folk as well. Any plans for Steam integration?

  30. Duuude, I think you are nuts! My money not good enough ey?
    But seriously though, I would TOTALY pay for this game.

  31. Looks cool! Just give a free sampler(5 levels) Charge $5-10. Unless your a millionaire and want to give everyone a free present:)

  32. From a huge indie game fan, I’d gladly support this game any day of the week, just as long as it comes out on a Mac.

    I’ll add my voice to the many requests, and be begging you for a Mac version, please.

  33. Wow! I just Guntpoint on Gamespy, and this looks like one of the best indie games ever! If you can’t release by christmas, then can you come out with a demo?

  34. I’m a fairly casual gamer but I stumbled across Gunpoint while reading up on my news on Kotaku. This looks right up my alley! Watched the video walk through and I think this is a very inspired idea. Was surprised that you were planning on it being free- while that’s very noble of you I can see that a ton of hard work went into this game and I feel that you as the creator deserve something for your trouble. I’d recommend this being an affordable downloadable game, especially if you are able to one day port it to Apple or Android devices to be sold through the App store. Keep up the good work!

  35. Soooo cool :-P
    Can’t wait to see this on my comp !
    And I think I would gladly pay for it, if it allows you to make other games after this one :-P

  36. Honestly I got thrown over to your youtube video at 1:23 Am from twitter. And honestly your video made me crack up laughing. The game is definitely worth a small amount of money, and I don’t say that belittlingly only that it is not like a retail game or anything. Personally I would like to see it be free because I love trying out free games but if I had the money $5-$10 is not at all obsurd for this game. Your introduction video was humble and entertaining and funny as hell. This game could definitely soak up a lot of time. Who knows it could end up like the next portal if you take it far enough. Now that would be a sight to see. Honestly mate keep up with this because this game looks wicked fun and I would definitely give it a round of play!

  37. If youre unsure of price? Maybe this would be a good game for a Humbleindiebundle?.

    Im gonna pay 10$ for this game, when it gets released.

  38. I’d happily throw ten or fifteen bucks your way for this.

    Have you brought this to the attantion of RockPaperShotgun? They’d love it, I think, and they generate quite a lot of buzz around indie games they like.

  39. This game is really nice for a indy game. The CrossLink/door trap is awesome :)
    You did a really good job with the graphics too and the animations are fine for a game with an old school theme. For example the way the hero jump and grab a guard in the air is fun.

    I would gladly pay at least 5$ for it. :)

  40. Have you thought of doing a kickstarter for this? With all the pub some software projects have been getting, you might be able to get a nice little influx of cash while still building it.

  41. If you give this out for free, I will consider it my civic duty to track you down and have you sectioned forthwith. As one of the above commenters suggests, Kickstarter is having a real ball with independent game developers at the moment, so you might try that. Otherwise, I would be more than happy to pre-order it or buy it upon release for up to £15, though £10 and under might make it a more reasonable prospect for the numerous people who will doubtless show an interest! Looks like a truly individual and innovative game, with a style reminiscent of Flashback, with a decent dollop of Syndicate a hint of Blade Runner. Truly looking forward to release!

  42. I would love to pay anywhere between five and ten bucks for this game. That said i would also love to get it for free, because hey, who doesn’t like free things that are worth more. Still I would buy this. Have you though about trying to put it up on steam to make it more available to lots of people? Can’t wait until it comes out!

  43. I’ve already set aside about 20 dollars for this game and Frankly I can’t wait I first saw this game on TB’s channel and since then I have been searching for this game because I forgot the name and a few weeks ago i found the video and now I have signed up for beta and am super excited and I’d just like to mention that Tom Francis is an amazing man, I don’t know him but anyone who made a game this good looking must be awesome.

  44. i have one small question on the last few screenshots… it seems the third from bottom screenshot is of a level not included in the official game…. or is it? i don’t think it is but if im wrong can you direct me to the level… it looks interesting, and if im right might i ask why its not in the game?

  45. Incredible. Best ever. I love it. My desktop background is of the city in the game. NEED MOAR

  46. This game looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait to get the full version. The demo alone is really great :D

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