A stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

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Windows, Mac and Linux.


Tell us about it! Literally do tell us about it, or nothing will happen.

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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint In The Press

Gunpoint got lots of wonderful write-ups when I put up the first batch of shots two weeks back. In fact, the reaction took me by surprise a bit, and I’ve been struggling to keep up with all the interesting e-mails that have come in since.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to cover this, so I didn’t really talk to anyone beforehand. If you work for a site or mag and are interested in covering Gunpoint, just drop me a mail at

I’m always happy to sort you out with a recent build so you can have a play, and answer any questions. I managed to do this with Ars Technica, so their piece is a preview. Here are some quotes from that, and some of the other lovely words people wrote about Gunpoint.

Gunpoint hands on: an intelligent indie spy thriller—with breakable glass

“Guns actually introduce tension into the game, which is a rare thing in modern action titles… In minutes I felt like a capable killer, and began skulking around each level like a pro. The full release can’t come soon enough.”

Ars Technica


Gunpoint Points Out Its New Look

“In between murdering trees and optimising for search engines, Tom’s drafted in some artists to dramatically overhaul the game’s look, which results in the rather eye-catching, Flashback-y aesthetic…”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun


Secret agent indie Gunpoint makes being an electrician cool

“From plumbers and farmers to … Noids, video games have a long tradition of elevating blue collar jobs to rockstar status. Now, after eying these new Gunpoint screens, it looks like we’ll be adding “electrician” to that list when Tom Francis’ secret agent game arrives this Christmas.”



This Indie Game is Giving me Flashbacks of, Well, Flashback

“It looks wonderful, in a “Deus Ex meets Canabalt” kind of way. It also helps the game has photocopiers. I love games with photocopiers.”



Stealth Platformer Gunpoint is Looking Mighty Fine!

“Gunpoint looks absolutely glorious.”


Gunpoint’s Graphics Now As Awesome As Its Concept


More ,

FuzzYspo0N: Woot, really awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on a build!

Catastrophil: I am so excited for this game, I may have to fly over to that funny, shriveled lump of dirt and follow you, constantly whispering thinly-veiled threats until it's done.

Chris: See I said you should makes games! (Although that was ages ago when you wrote about how to make Hitman better and you probably didnt read that comment :()

I'm very pleased for you, and I like how some people have asked "Is this going to be on Steam?"

Chris: Do you think you might do more indie games?

Nonomu198: Congrats on the media coverage :)

somebody: Let it be on steam for free please please please.
Or you can tie it with PC Gamer Digital. I think it's a good idea.

Liam: Just realized I have a website myself, time to e-mail tom!

Dcon6393: This game looks great. The gameplay video you posted in March looked amazing, and I am a little scared to think how far it has come along. The fact that you are releasing it for free is pretty awesome to. Good luck to you in the rest of your development, you are doing an amazing job

Kudjo: I'd pay for this game it seems to have a great deal of detail and looks for addictive I'll be keeping a look out to see what you do with. I hope you've passed this by user movies.

Gunman: Hi,
could you maybe clarify the "Platform" part which this game runs on. I guess its Microsoft XP/Vista/7 only?

Best regards

Akil Dennis: I love this game and the concept you have for it .. u should really finish it, and charge for this game. It would be perfect for Ipad iphone andriod phones and wii-u. This is a money maker def collaborate with a developer to make this happen ...

Akil Dennis: P.S. also, as seeing this is a spy game of sorts, you need a better name imo. The name gunpoint will atract some attention,but as I have observed, the main character does not use any guns. He uses is skills to rewire stuff, hacks into computers, and such. when He takes out the enemies he either jumps them or knocks them out from what I have seen thus far from the videos. I think the name should change and this is only a suggestion to "shadowfinger". think about it.

Callan: I'd pay for it ^_^

Daniel Petrov: This game ROCK! Defenitly will worth money so don`t give it away for free, or you can add some more levels for byuin and so on and so on

Colin: DEFFINETLY get it in a future humble bundle... otherwise id pay 5 - 10$ for it. This game looks sick.

Mark: I agree with Colin, I'd love to pay for this game, it sounds awesome and the fact that you have wanted to give it out for free is admirable of you. So why not get the best of both worlds and use Humble Bundle for this and sell it at the price the consumer desires to pay. That way you can still offer it for nearly free or for as much as the consumer wants to pay you. Because some like me feel you deserve some cash to show for this cool game concept.

Miroslav Gavrilov: I'd pay for this game, definitely. I say it with no holdback what so ever. We were going to design a game similar to this one, just from a different view and following a four-man team, and the hacking you made is way better. Simplicity is the key, I guess. Anyway, yes, it deserves a price although the world thanks you for your generosity. :)

Brad Linguanti: I would pay for this game! It looks like an awesome puzzle game that I could play for hours. It would be awesome to see a level creator for this as well. I would definitely pay $5-10 for this. Also C418 sent me and it would be nice to see his music in the game as well! Keep up the great work cant wait to see it when its outs!

Davide: I would definitely buy this game! My friends and I noticed it looked a lot like Trilby by Yahtzee but with even more cool gadgets and features that we'd totally be willing to pay for. You should try to get this game on Steam or in the Humble Bundle or something!