A stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

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Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Art Progress

Got three levels done and the bare bones of the environment art for this setting in. It’s pretty far off the lovely mock-up right now, but already it feels awesome to be working with stuff that looks good. I’ve never built anything that didn’t look like a programmer’s prototype before.


Iddan: Is it too late to apply for testing the game? I would love to try it out!

Caleb: Second.

MartinJ: Why is Dick trying to copulate with the ground?

Bret: Hey, a man's got needs.

Entropy: Well I signed up a while back and haven't received any e-mails about it in aaages. I dunno if he's just not sending out stuff, or if I broke some secret rule..

Tom Francis: You've broken the secret rule! To chillax. There hasn't been a test version in ages and there won't be for at least a month, because the game's in barely functioning pieces while I transition over to the new art.

Always looking for more testers, but I don't send out old versions so you won't get anything until the next one's ready. Just drop me a mail if you haven't already.

Daniel Black: This is beautiful. Will you be providing a post-mortem, behind-the-scenes sort of wrap-up? I'm trying to get my head around game development; for now it's primarily a black art to me.

Tom Francis: Yeah, I'd like to do a sort of in-game developer commentary at some point. I'll certainly be yakking about it a lot here during and after.