Morphblade Is Out!

This is the game I started last year, when I needed a break from Heat Signature, and I’ve continued to tinker with it on the odd weekend or evening. It’s crystallised into something I really enjoy playing, so I asked testers what they thought it was worth. The average answer was $5, so $5 it is! It’s out now on Steam, for Windows.

Morphblade was heavily inspired by Imbroglio, so I asked Michael Brough’s permission before developing and selling it, and he was kind enough to give his blessing. The core idea that your location determines your weapon is straight from Imbroglio, but along the way I changed pretty much everything else.

So you move around a hexagonal grid slicing, smashing and bursting waves of nasty red bugs. Each hex you move to turns you into a different weapon: on a Blades hex you can kill things to your sides, on an Arrow you can fire yourself through two enemies in a row. And between waves, you choose how to build out the grid to your own design.

If you’re subscribed to the Humble Monthly Bundle (on 3/3/2017), you already have it. If not, grab it from Steam for $5.

Here’s a video that explains it better!

9 Replies to “Morphblade Is Out!”

  1. Dang, I chose the perfect month to start doing Humble Monthly. This is really fun!

    Any odds of it coming to Android in the future? It’d be a perfect time killer.

  2. Hi,

    That game looks incredibly fun!
    Unfortunately I currently only own an Mac.

    Any way that it will get Mac support in the future?

    It looks like it could work well on mobile as well, so I’d be just as happy if it got iPhone support.

  3. Was a very pleasant surprise indeed to find an announced (as far as I was aware) Tom Francis game in my monthly bundle. The game is very clever and addicting. Second everyone suggesting this would be a deadly combination on phone.

    As an aside, the game seems to crash on me when I press quit. I can’t figure out if this is brilliant or a bug.

  4. Tom, since I can’t find any way to contact you (I don’t do Twitter), I’m taking it to the comments:
    I happily bought Gunpoint and played it DRM-free a few years back on the Humble Store, but it seems it’s not an option anymore (DRM-free, that is).
    Are you fully embracing DRM (or maybe worse: not caring) for your games since Gunpoint, or is there still hope ?

  5. Hey,

    This game needs to be a mobile phone game, it’s perfect for it. Nerd Cubed just did a video on it, and in the comments they want it to be for mobile phone. You should make it for Android.

    Good Luck


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