Video Tutorial: Make A Game With No Experience

I’m doing a series of video tutorials to show you how to make your first game, using the free version of Game Maker: Studio. I’m doing about 1-2 hours a week, aimed at absolute beginners with no experience with writing code. I’m not a good programmer myself, so we keep things as simple, quick and easy as possible, cutting all sorts of corners that would make real programmers who work in teams cringe. But, that’s basically how I made Gunpoint, and that worked well enough, so here goes!

At time of posting the first week of episodes is up – three parts, totalling about an hour and a half. I’m also giving people leeway to experiment with what they’ve learnt, and if they like, they can send in what they’ve created and I can see which bits might fit into the project.

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  1. Keep it up. Just wrapped up Pt. 7 this weekend. Looking forward to stuff like map/level generation or even some AI scripting. Thanks for making these.

  2. These are great. Even having done the regular tutorials, I’m finding them really useful. The code seems almost easier to follow than the drag and drop interface.

  3. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for doing this. Since I was little, I’ve been thinking about games I’d love to see, but I never thought I could actually make a game. I still don’t know if I can, but these tutorials have been rather inspiring. I feel like it’s possible, even if it isn’t probable. These tutorials have been awesome, educational, and fun. Thanks for doing them. You’re a fabulous person.

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for making these videos. They are a great way to learn and I really appreciate the time you are putting into making them.

  5. I am a new programmer using Game Maker Studio and I have been learning from your tutorials. I was wondering what the fastest way to learn how to use game maker and how you learned how to use it. Also is there any disadvantages to using Game Maker vs. using a different program like Unity? If you read this please respond to me by email at . Thank you for your time!!

  6. I started following your videos yesterday (and I started using GM without any experience programming just last week), and they’re really awesome. A great tool for learning cool things, and specially learning to think and write code.


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