The Gunpoint FAQ

People ask me more questions about Gunpoint than I have time to individually answer, and my silence is starting to feel like metaphorically pushing their faces wordlessly away with the palm of my hand, slightly muffling the latter part of their question.

I have a question about Gunpoint’s development.

I have a breakdown of Gunpoint’s development.

About monetising YouTube videos, or copyright claims on YouTube…

You’re welcome to, and no-one should stop you. Here’s the full permission bit.

I want to make a game, should I use Unity or Game Maker?

If you’re a complete beginner and your idea would work in 2D, I suggest Game Maker because it’s so much quicker to learn.

If you have some programming knowledge, or your idea needs to be in 3D and you’re patient, I suggest Unity: it’s more flexible, it’ll probably be easier to work with other people, and the asset store is really cool. Unity can do 2D games, but I haven’t tried it for that.

What tutorials do you recommend for Game Maker or Unity?

For Game Maker, mine! For Unity, I’m mostly just using the stuff on their official site.

I need to contact you privately about something.

OK! I’m – but bear in mind I’m bad at this and don’t reply to everything.

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  1. I like how you said the thing about pirating games. Personally the only time I play pirated games is when I want to test out the game for 20 min before I buy it. I almost always buy the game in the end though. But sometimes, I just delete it and move on. You shouldn’t just play through the whole game pirated if you can afford it.

  2. Gunpoint really do I think. After so many games, I liked it, like Half-Life when I was twelve. So, please. Do Gunpoint 2 (with the same conditions) hehehe. And bigger, with more story, like Max Payne, idk. Trip on it. :D

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