Failing Fast In GTA V, Parts 1-10

About me: I am a bad driver, I don’t know any modern colloquialisms, and I just want everyone to be nice. In this video series, I attempt to play Grand Theft Auto V: Angry Jerks Steal Cars And Money And Yell At Each Other. It goes wrong in what might be record time.

We’re up to Part 10 now, click the listy button in the top left to skip to an episode.

11 Replies to “Failing Fast In GTA V, Parts 1-10”

  1. It’d be perfectly fine with me to play GTA V through you as a proxy. That way I get to see only the interesting stuff and I do enjoy your commentary.

  2. Wow.

    Franklin has the worst friends.

    Franklin, if your friends get you fired then nearly killed and arrested inside of a week, while insulting you and blaming you for everything that goes wrong, maybe it’s time to get new friends.

    Now, if they paid for the magic shotgun, that would be different.

  3. I watched every episode so far and I don’t understand why you’re still playing and commenting on the story missions. You made your point during the first episodes that GTA V is a horribly strict game. Fine. I liked your article about how we “dicks” are the reason why mainstream games suck but don’t you think there’s room for games like this? Not every game has to be as brilliant as Deux Ex which accepts and even reacts to the most “dickish” things the player does. The story part of GTA games has always been a pretty strict and linear experience. GTA V is maybe even more scripted than the previous installments but what’s the point of still critizing this? The audience knows what they’re going to get. I expected exaggerated characters and silly sex jokes in a story that’s all about a perverted version of the american dream while parodying a particular time period. Because that’s what GTA was always about. Of course the writing isn’t great. If it were, Dan Houser would be writing scripts for Hollywood. Just lower your expectations, GTA V won’t change the state of video games.
    I like your videos and articles and I love Gunpoint but it’s weird to see you wasting so much time (you even edit these GTA videos!) with something you don’t really enjoy.

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m not a native speaker. Looking forward to your amazing Spelunky Daily Challenges. :)

  4. I’m enjoying it! But I’m not going to pretend to like the bits of it I don’t like, just because they’re expected.

    Don’t think of this as taking up my time. This is what I do to unwind for 20 minutes when I’m finished with my work for the day.

    I understand if you find the criticism annoying and don’t want to watch. Others find it cathartic to know they’re not the only ones who don’t think it’s perfect.

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