Gunpoint Half-Price Sale, Edition Upgrades, And Trading Cards

Short version: Gunpoint is half-price for two days, you can now upgrade between editions, and we’ve added trading cards. Here’s a video explaining all that:

Sale: starts 10am Tuesday 17th, ends 4pm Thursday, Pacific Time. In the UK that’s 6pm Tuesday to midnight Thursday.

Get Gunpoint half-price, or upgrade to a different edition, on its Steam page

Edition upgrades:

We did something a bit different with Gunpoint’s pricing: we offered $10, $20 and $30 editions to keep the game cheap while letting people support it more if they wanted.

What we found was that lots of people bought the game as cheaply as possible, then discovered they liked it a lot: they’d e-mail or tweet to ask if there’s a way to support the game and get all the behind-the-scenes extras that came with the other editions.

So we’re now letting players upgrade to another edition for the difference in price: the extras are now technically DLC. They include the game’s soundtrack, developer commentary that adds us as killable characters in-game, a making-of feature, and 9 playable prototypes from different stages of the game’s development.

Trading cards:

I still have basically no idea how these really work, but I was surprised by how much I ended up wanting all the little reward things our artist John Roberts created. The ability to emote Conway face-palming just seems really important somehow. Steam forced me to write descriptions for each one, so I’ll post them here:


:conwayshrug: Richard Conway, an icon of not really knowing or caring what’s going on, now available as an icon for not really knowing or caring what’s going on.


:conwayheadscratch: Intended to express that sense that you can sort of tell this is possible but you’re not sure you can be bothered to figure it out.


:conwayfacepalm: To be used after you’ve seen someone do something stupid, but before you remember that you’re wearing adhesive climbing gloves.


:conwaypunch: Ends any internet argument, provided you also leave the argument and never look at it again.


:hammerheadsnark: Used to indicate that yes, you know you’re being snarky, and yes, you know this will derail the discussion, and yes, you know this isn’t even in your own interests at this point, but you’ve typed it now and here we are.

16 Replies to “Gunpoint Half-Price Sale, Edition Upgrades, And Trading Cards”

  1. I should clarify that I meant the actual level editor, though the stream workshop support is much appreciated.

  2. So, just regarding upgrades – are those Steam exclusive? I wanted to upgrade my Humble Store order, if that’s possible.

  3. I’ve already bought all the editions and on both steam and your site so I can’t really by it again (I could but…) I have told a LOT of people about how much fun the game is and it will be great when it’s on Steam workshop because I’m not too good at creating levels but I want more levels to play. Also I don’t really know how the whole trading card/badge thing works except its kind of like catnip, you just want to roll in it and get as much as you can for no apparently good reason whatsoever.

  4. Just bought the upgrades. I loved this game!

    Is there any plans with Steam Workshop integration? It’s always nice to add more visibility for those nice fan-made levels =)

  5. Just purchased the game through steam, then read somewhere that you’d get more money if I purchased it through your website. Darn it. Sorry man.

  6. I bought this on the midweek madness sale and, really, I’ve quite loved it. The only thing that’s lacking is the level editor. It seriously needs an update. It’s obviously based on your in-house tools with things disabled (because in-house tools are notoriously buggy), but, man, I want to make something more than just a “hack the computer” mission.

    I would love to have triggers and be able to set custom objectives. I would love to have more art assets, decals (blood spatter, bodies, ect), and the enabling of the disabled decor.

    I would love to have my own secondary objectives, with their own text! I’d love to have the briefing conversations. I’d love to have in-game character conversations!

    Honestly, I would love to have the tools to write my own story, and I just don’t have those. The levels by themselves aren’t more than a brief distraction, quickly forgotten. With dialogue and intrigue, they become something much more.

  7. Wow. Just finished the game for the first time and I loved it. I laughed so hard at certain points. The chat dialogue was hilarious. Awesome game. Totally glad I got the exclusive edition.

  8. If there is going to be Steam Workshop support, I’m happy.
    If the ability to create conversations is added, it will be the equivalent of me winning about thirty lotteries at the same time. Just sayin’

  9. Steam workshop! I want to play more of this game! I’ll do anything! Sacrifice goats, eat a rare diamond, wrestle a shark! Anything!

  10. A friend bought me Gunpoint with extras on Christmas, for me and himself. We both love it. I’ve beat it twice and loved every minute of it. So I’d just like to thank you for making such an excellent game.

    The level editor seriously needs some love though, as outlined in LostInTheWired’s post. Backgrounds and emoticons would be nice too, but I’d really love to make and play custom levels (and campaigns!) with every asset I can. Steam Workshop support would be great as well.

    I realize you’ve got a lot on your plate regarding the game, but I’m sure you can resolve them and also the stuff in this post too. If you could make the game (without formal programming experience, AFAIK) in the first place, you can do this. Good luck, and thanks again for this great game.

  11. As per the dozens of other places that’s been answered, Humble Bundle requires non-Windows versions to put a game in a Bundle and Gunpoint is written in an edition of Game Maker that only builds for Windows. Last I heard the call was out for a pro to port it to the more recent Game Maker or another engine.

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