4 Replies to “GDC Talk: How Reviewing Games For Nine Years Helped In Designing Gunpoint”

  1. It was very nice to see your talk was available for free :D.

    You could use the embed code they used at Gamasutra.

    I’ve tested it with the most basic html file I could create, and this works for me. Pasting the code in this comment box probably won’t work great, but you can use the example I uploaded here: http://www.codeanimo.com/downloads/Pentadact/GDCTalk_Embed_Example.html
    You can use ‘view source’ (ctrl + u in Firefox) to get the markup from there (Unless your browser added extra tags to make it a valid html document, it should be the only thing in that file).

    Alternatively, you could go to the article posted on Gamasutra, and find the appropriate tags there: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/200170/Video_How_reviewing_games_for_9_years_helped_design_Gunpoint.php

  2. Great talk, I really enjoyed that, thanks!

    I’m super pleased to see you realising your dreams, especially as someone who specifically followed your work in PC Gamer (as a young man I’d go straight to the review section and read about whatever you and Keiron had been playing that month).

    More games, but also please don’t forget to write for us now and again. Your GalCiv diaries and the ‘Don’t Make Me Play Football Manager’ still stand out as some of my favourite reading.

  3. Great talk Tom. I noticed that you said ‘we’ a lot when referring to PCG. Do you plan to do some freelancing for them, or any other magazine/website?

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