The Gunpoint Soundtrack, And Upgrading Editions

There are three different editions of Gunpoint, the two fancier ones coming with proportionately more bonus stuff. Lots of people have asked if it’s possible to upgrade from one to the other, after purchasing. It will be! I don’t know yet if the system will be ready for launch, but I want to allow it and both Steam and Humble Store say they can and will support it.

One of the extras in the Special Edition is all the music used in the game in MP3 format.

One of the extras in the Exclusive Edition is that, plus a huge load of bonus tracks Gunpoint’s three composers have put together. In some, they remix each others’ tracks from the game; others are all new.

If you’re not going to get the Exclusive Edition, or you want the tracks in fancy audiophile FLAC format, or you just want to support the composers specifically, you can also buy this full version of the soundtrack from Bandcamp!

There’s a tracklist and samples there, you can pre-order now, and it’ll be released at the same time as the game.

Everyone who worked on Gunpoint gets a percentage of Gunpoint’s revenue, but I also made sure our contracts let everyone keep the rights to their own work – including the right to sell it themselves, independently of me. So if you buy the soundtrack separately, all of your money goes to the composers.

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  1. 17 pm GMT… yeah, I’m not staying up ’till 3am tomorrow. See you when I wake up I guess, Gunpoint.

    On that note, congratulations on (nearly) releasing! I am looking forward to playing.

  2. Awesome. Thanks for answering my question. I just jumped on it as saw it and didn’t think about scrolling all the way down. Think before you buy. Even if you’re on 4 hours sleep. :3 Welp, I’m going to sleep, and Playing some gunpoint in the morning. Good night and sorry for not thinking before I bought.

  3. Heh, well that saves me asking a few questions (namely would I be able to upgrade, as I commented on Twitter (tarasis) I was torn between the SE & EE, and would I be able to get the soundtrack if FLAC/ALAC format).

    I love that they’ll be releasing the soundtrack on Bandcamp. Its a fab service, particularly as I can download the music in the format _I_ choose rather than whats forced on me :) (Oh how I wish more digital soundtracks were sold on there)

  4. Oh man, I totally want to upgrade – I got the special edition, foolishly thinking that would be the only ‘special’ one available. I wish to upgrade to the exclusive one and get all the cool toys.

  5. I’ll be buying a copy. Looked forward to this for a long time. I wish you all the best success – you’ve put in a lot of effort over the years, and I have no doubt it will show in the quality of the game.

    It is nice to see good people succeed.

  6. I found what I think is a bug, and a pretty hampering one, at that. If you sell all items you own that takes batteries, the upgrade points for battery capacity gets hidden, and you’ll need to buy the battery-consuming gadget again in order to re-slot the upgrade points. That’s kind of trivial compared to the more serious issue, though.

    If you remove any points in battery capacity, any upgrades that let you start with full capacity are lost forever. Putting points back into capacity again won’t let you start with full capacity anymore. I’m assuming it’s a bug since the game is very lenient with letting you buy and sell stuff as you please otherwise.

    Be right back, starting the game over.

  7. Well, that must’ve looked confusing. Batteries disappear if you upgrade your capacity to below the amount of batteries you actually have. Perhaps you were aware already.

    At any rate, I have encountered a bug were music and developer commentary isn’t playing. Even restarting the game isn’t fixing and I’m not sure what to do about it or how to reproduce it.

  8. The sound thing seems to just happen every time I start the game without starting from scratch, which means that if I want to hear dev commentary or music near the end of the game, I’ll need to get there in one sitting.

    Are you using Game Maker’s internal saving system? It tends to have a lot of audio-related problems.

  9. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but is the Prankspasm or whatever on by default? I’m just noticing that before I buy anything at all (just the Crosslink) I’m able to zap guards by connecting light switches to outlets.

  10. No, zapping via outlets is intentional; it’s explicitly tutorialised, though easy to miss. The Prankspasm allows you to extend that functionality to other objects like hand panels.

  11. Tom,
    You should probably tell people how to change their resolution if they get it wrong the first time. It’s not at all obvious where savegames and screen resolutions are stored. I’m persistent so I finally found out where you keep stuff. On windows 7 its in the Users AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files (x86)/Gunpoint/Settings directory (at least for the DRM free version). Its kind of difficult to change the resolution once you get it set. BTW I bought both the Steam (Exclusive Edition) and DRM Free Version (Special Edition) I liked the game so much.

  12. Looks like an interesting game, unfortunately can’t play it because I’m only getting 1024×600 and 1280×720 resolutions in white, but both off center ( as if zoomed in ), other resolutions are screwed up.
    playing on a 1080p TV
    any way to fix this?!

  13. : For anyone having display issues just tick “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” in the game’s exe properties

    hope this helps

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