Gunpoint Trailer: Gadgets And Steam

Who do you play?

You’re a freelance spy, and your clients hire you to steal sensitive data or technology.

What do you do?

You break into high security buildings by rewiring the electronics. You can use a Crosslink gadget to see how all the lights, switches, cameras and doors are wired up, then drag a connection from one to another to make them work however you want.

  • You come to a security camera and a locked door.
  • Switch to Crosslink mode, and you can see the camera is wired to an alarm – if it sees you, the alarm will bring a guard running.
  • So you drag a connection from the camera to the door.
  • Now when you walk in front of it, the door swings open instead of the alarm going off, and you’re in.
Say I’m vaguely intrigued. What do I do now?

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As ever, I don’t have a release date, but you can to be told when it’s out.

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  1. Let me commend you on taking a VERY constructive step forward, not just in terms of sales and stuff, which is a given, but also taking this step as an impetus to actually finish this game within the sabbatical you gave yourself or at least some time in the near future. Putting this game on steam will help you try your best to actually get it on there. Support is coming for you from all of us. Good luck man! And kill those damning bugs!

  2. Steam support is cool, hope it does well. However it would be nice to see it on GOG as well.

    Best of luck, and good to see updates.

  3. I love the gadget names, and seeing specifics of their functions that appear to enhance rather than replace tricky strategies. Great to hear that it’s coming to Steam, too!

  4. Have you thought about trying out the “Early Access” release method on Steam, now that you’re heading toward Steam already? I (and likely many others) would be perfectly happy playing a half-done buggy release :-D

  5. Tom! it’s great to hear about your Steam reveal, I always knew it would be on there eventually. Just watch, you’ll be a star kid!

    I’ll buy it on release and if you release the soundtrack, I’ll buy that too!

  6. I know its soon to be asking but will there be any chance that you can port gunpoint to the 3ds or the vita once you got the game up and running? I feel gunpoint’s short missions style with translate very well to portable devises

  7. I’m loving the progress and it’s great news about the Steam release!
    As ever, it’s awesome to hear you talking about the game, but at the same time I feel that this video (being 7 minutes long) may not function too well as a trailer. I think a shorter, snappier video, (possibly with music and accompanying text instead of voiceover) showing how emergent and hectic the game could be, would work far more to convert those viewers that aren’t already

    Best of luck :)

  8. Nice, love the Longshot. Pretty exciting stuff. Once again, hope this will eventually make it to Mac.

  9. Wait, wait! I just got your prankspasm pun! “…If you want to use it you have to be a bit *circuitous* about it…”

  10. Late to say it again, but I continue to be iffy on how the Deathfluke fits into the design. Obviously I can just not buy it if I don’t like it, but it seems like an invitation to the players who would use it to fall into a morass of frustrated/mindless savescumming.

  11. I know how it feels to want to make a living off of doing your passion so I signed up for the 30.00 bundle :). Thanks for the inside look on game creation as I’m an aspiring one myself. Hopefully the joystiq post will get you many many new purchases – as I didn’t hear of your game until they posted about it. That said, good luck!

  12. Just tried the demo today, and the game seems fantastic. Not only am I buying the $30 dollar bundle because I would love to support your vision of making games for a living, but also because frankly, you deserve it. The game seems top notch and ridiculously fun, and the special features in the exclusive edition look cool. I’m telling all my friends to throw money at this game, because it’s mind blowing. The graphic art style, the humour, the gameplay, are all fantastic; and from an indie developer no less. I’m sure to keep buying whatever you make in the future, because if your games are anything like this on is shaping up to be, they won’t disappoint. But I’m rambling; thank you so much for making this game, you deserve all the money you get.

  13. I’ve been following the development for quite sometime and am happy to say you amazed me with how awesome it is! I just finished it and am ready to go into a second playthrough and maybe a third after that.
    I hope you will continue to make amazing games!

  14. I loved the game, just finished it. my only problem with it was that it was pretty short, i didnt expect it to be long or anything, but a suggestion, which i doubt if you are able or willing to do, is a Level editor and a free expansion pack :D. If you are able and willing to do 1 or both of those things I will adore this game even more than I do now

  15. OK, I love this game…LOVE this game. I only have one little suggestion. Once you have completed the game, could there be a toggle for unlimited ammo/battery, allowing for replays with gadgets and such? Just wondering, because at the moment, I would love to be able to screw around with the Resolver and the other gadgets, but I am totally out of ammunition and batteries. I don’t want to have to restart the game whenever I want more stuff, so I would love for it to be an option (if I am just blind and it’s already there or I am just missing something then please enlighten me).

  16. This look absolutely AWESOME, but I’ve a query before I buy:

    I understand you’d prefer we purchase the game off of steam, but I have issues with internet connections and some games tend not to work if they require a continuous online activation or connection. (Obviously downloading the game after purchase is doable).

    So my question is thus; is the game able to be play completely offline, or does it require an internet connection after it has been installed?

  17. @Ilevus.
    I have not seen a single feature of the game which requires consistent internet access. So yeah, stop worrying, get the game, and play it. It’s all offline.

  18. Hey guys, any idea if its possible to upload maps from the editor so we can share them?

  19. Which is to say, entirely offline, since that’s the opposite of what I somehow said.

  20. Hey…I have made maps on the editor…but how can I actually convert them to a text file?

  21. They’re saved in [gamedir]/Levels as .lvl files. You could change the file extension to .txt from the command line or by turning off “hide extensions for known file types” in Explorer, but you’re just making more work for everyone if you do.

  22. It’d be a lot easier if on the level editor screen there was either a button beside each level that brought you to the levels folder (like with Prototype Pack) or something that would actually just let you copy down the level quickly and easily.

    I would really love to be able to send levels directly through steam at some point though…

  23. Thank you soooo very much for this great game! Peace + love and good vibes all over to you!

  24. ^ What he said. I need to counterbalance my super stealthy no kill run with a bulletfest!

  25. Mostly love the game and hoping that there turns out to be a decent number of user-created levels. A couple of nits, though:

    * It would have been a good idea on the purchase screen itself to highlight battery cost. Right now, it’s possible to buy items that you won’t be able to use, and you won’t know this unless you actually hit the Try It out button.

    * If it’s intentional that battery use/gain in Try It Out actually persists afterwards, it should probably be mentioned. If e.g. one goes for the laptop in the Longshot test, one seems to need to use the Longshot twice instead of once and there are only four batteries so one ends up down four.

    * As far as I can tell, the game UI doesn’t actually explicitly tell you what the Resolver countdown is for; it just starts counting down. It’s actually possible to finish the Try It Out mission w/o firing a shot (if you have the Gatecrasher; in this case, you don’t need to hack the blue circuit box and you therefore don’t need to shoot that guard) and not triggering the timer, in which case the user doesn’t get to see what the timer actually does. A brief explanation about the arrival of the police sniper should probably be added.

  26. The UI doesn’t tell you what the countdown is, but there’s a tutorial note introducing it.

    Mac version not soon, he’s not willing at this point to promise ever but is trying. It would entail porting to GameMaker Studio.

  27. Ok, just a one thing. If you need bullets make a custom level, put in the Resolver icon and play. I think that you need to die after using the gun (not totally sure) so I fire once, let the sniper kill me, choose a time rewind option and then finish the level, this SHOULD refill your ammunition. If this bug is fixed than someone REALLY needs to add a button that lets you refill ammo / batteries, maybe after you finish the story.

  28. I think it would be worth publishing of custom maps created by players
    And the game, more to such a good start to the summer.

  29. I have a few things I’d like to point out:
    It’s hard to share and use edited levels.
    If I were you, I’d add a button with “Saved Levels” and add the game to steam workshop, so we can easily share, and easily acces our custom levels.
    The gun runs out of ammo too fucking quickly, and the game never told me it would.
    Remember the upgrade points? Why not, when the main storyline is finished, give them every time you clear a mission, even if it was already finished, and then have us pay one or two of them per bullet.
    It’s not possible to buy everything with the amount of money you get.
    I always have either $40 and half of the battery upgrades left, or the gun upgrade (which is useless anyways) and some money.
    Why is this? I don’t like it when it doesn’t add up. -_-
    The batteries. You run out of them way too quickly. Can’t there be some, I don’t know… ehm… Static discharge upgrade that fills them up one battery each kill? If that were the case, the battery costs wouldn’t be that high anymore.

    Sorry if there’s a section for suggestions, I couldn’t find it…

  30. Haha…uhm…how do I get more bullets?
    Tis hard to murder without more murder bullets.

  31. Hello,
    your Game “Gunpoint”, wich I found on Steam impressed me on the first sight.
    Well, I am a Youtuber and game tester, so I would like to make some videos and reviews about your game. Now I have a little question to you, could you give me a free example of your game Gunpoint? So I can make Let’s Plays and reviews about your game.
    It would be great if you answer! (I am German)


    P.S. here is my (new) Youtube channel:

  32. Keep up the good work. The mechanics are solid and the game is addictive. Maybe slightly better textures would help, but that’s just nitpicking. I’m really looking forward to more of your work.

    P.S. Sorry about the pseudonym. They are watching us…

  33. HOW DO YOU GET FRICKIN BULLETS i beat da game and tried all of those bullet glitch things and nothing works is there a file that saves your ammo? then maybe we could edit it

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