The Calamitous Pacifist In Gunpoint

I’m trying to see if it’s possible to do this level without punching anyone. Not for the first time, my conclusion was: “Nope. Hmm, unless…”

I have to get to those stairs. The guard will shoot me if he sees me. I can’t open the building’s other entrance from the outside.

The Slide In - 2

But if I Crosslink this lightswitch to the door, and I can get to it fast enough, I might be able to shut it before the guard shoots me.

The Slide In - 3

A ground-level jump won’t do it: I have to hit the ground under the door going so fast that the momentum lets me skid all the way to the lightswitch faster than I could run. But from up here…

The Slide In - 4

I jump. I skid. The guard draws his gun. I hit the switch. The door slams shut. I’m a genius!

The guard runs towards the door. I can’t take the stairs yet – there’s a guard up there watching the exit. I did not think this through.

I switch to Crosslink mode in a panic, and try to disconnect the handscanner he’s going to use to open the door. In my frantic rush, though, I manage to wire the door to the other handscanner – the wrong connection, the wrong way round, created instead of cut.

The guard’s at the door. I hear the handscanner check his identity. I do the only thing I can think of: hit the light switch again.

The Slide In - Final

The door opened. The guard shot me just as I hit the lightswitch. The lightswitch shut the door. The door triggered the handscanner on my side. The handscanner opened the door. The door swung into the guard and knocked him out.

What I’m Working On

On my Gunpoint development to-do list, my current task is: “Do a quick run through to establish par times for levels.” Instead, in a fairly typical example of why finishing a game takes a long time, I’ve spent three solid days fixing all the things that have fundamentally broken in the first four levels since I last played them. Still, only 16 more to check!

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  1. Excellent! I’m really looking forward to laying down my cash for this game. More, more, more please.

    Did one of the playtests earlier on, and I can’t remember having more fun with an indie game.

  2. We needed video of this going down! This all seemed to have gone down in seconds and would have been amazing to see. Really liking how well the game is coming out.

  3. I would love if you could make more videos. Showing how rye things are going. Maybe a livestream with you måling the game. You could post a link on your Twitter. I really look forward to it

  4. I love the diversity and versatility there is in this game, it’s so impressive and it gives you so many reasons to play it over and over again. I can’t wait to try it out for my channel (link right here, if you want to check it out ;) )

  5. The question is, do we get different colored trenchcoats and hats if we throw money at this earlier?

    Call it DLC, but have the code already inside the game (don’t do this).

    Maybe you should have a leaderboard for stage clears so that the speedrunners can infest your game. If you haven’t done so already.

  6. Well its go to be better than that new Alien game Iv tryed to get it all last night and been on Steam Customer Help. Still carnt get the game to work. Some one from inside the industry should do something in say a magazine about this!

    Also this just looks cool hope to be playing it SOON!!!

  7. Gunpoint is the only game I’m actually looking forward to owning and playing. Nothing on my radar interests me as much as Gunpoint does. Maybe because it’s new? maybe because it’s noir? maybe because it’s indie? or that it’s made honestly by somebody (and your small team) who loves games.

  8. I will be happy if you make more and more games like Gunpoint, as I love creative stealth puzzle game. Perhaps, you should have a leader-board for stage clears so that the speed-runners can infest your game. If you haven’t done so already. I think it is working…

  9. I have not been as willing to pay for an indie game before. The little I have played has made me appreciate the game; I like the puzzle aspect and it feels very original and different. And fun. I am looking forward to this game release!

  10. Although I would be one to try to be as pacifist as possible, it would add some authenticity that some levels are not possible to complete without knocking out a guard.

    What I think would be more interesting for a stealth run, would be to alert the guards as little as possible. In levels that are nigh impossible without knocking out a guard, different kinds of knockouts could have different “deniability”:
    being knocking out via door or power outlet could be an accident,
    whereas getting punched unconscious in the middle of a hallway might have been an accident.

    The idea here being that when I as a player do something for the sake of my own imagination, such as not knocking out guards simply because that’s not the kind of person I want my character to be, the game responding to that would be very unexpected and put the player more “in character”

    Sorry for explaining that so poorly.

  11. I managed it :D I did the exact same thing as you said, but I used deathfluke… dunno if that’s cheating, but meh; I finished the level with no one getting hurt!

  12. I found two ways to solve this-
    1. walk into the guard on the bottom floor and jump to the ceiling and wait for him to start patrolling

    2. set the first hand scanner (the one closest to the guard) to connect to the second hand scanner (on the other side) which is already connected to the door, and connect the light switch in the next room directly to the door. jump over the guard, hit the light switch before he can shoot you, and watch the door slam into his face.

    All working out and tactics we’re discovered by me first time I played the level. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    *sigh* I know…I’m strange…almost psychotic…

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