5 Replies to “Memories Of Far Cry 2”

  1. Man… Far Cry 2 had such potential. roBurky’s comment brings back so many memories of me trying to sneak around checkpoints, only to be spotted 50 yards away. It was so immersion breaking. Too bad. They need to allow modders to fix that game.

  2. How did the angry jeeps, which would spot you from 10,000 yards away and hilariously divert course, often u-turning at full throttle and crashing into trees as it off-roaded, so they could charge at you the instant they saw you, know you were a goodie? You might have been a fellow baddie. What angry, angry people.

  3. Heh… The number of times we have crashed our vehicles in the most craziest of places. But this is new.

    “It’s getting dark”

    Pity this isn’t outside a safe house. Then you could watch the fireplace outside spontaneously combust at 10pm. It mightn’t fix your predicament, but at least it would feel cozier while you wait for some random baddie to come by and… erm… “help” you.

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