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  1. I’m wondering how many people swarmed to this game from that video? Should be at least 1000.

  2. Hi pentadact im just here to ask when is the next beta release i have signed up for like 2 months now and am getting really excited please reply thanks..

  3. There haven’t been any ‘releases’. He had at least 5,500 people already before that bump of 3,000. The game doesn’t require thousands of testers and he doesn’t have the infrastructure to coordinate that much data, so your odds of testing are low. I happened to be in the February alpha and haven’t been involved with any of the subsequent builds; I don’t expect to see it again until release.

    Keep in mind that this isn’t a Minecraft situation with iterative design, low stability and infinite content – the game has handmade level and story content that you burn through, so beta testing comes at the cost of using up your first playthrough while things are still annoying or ugly. As ever, patience. The toy does not exist yet, so it is not being withheld from you. Wait.

  4. @Jason L: Would be nice if he threw us a bone though. Even if it’s like an old stable-ish build.

  5. As you go through the game and collect upgrades, can you use them on older missions? Kind of like a new game+ mode?


    He sent out a build :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:!!!!

  7. wow, THIS GAME IS THE BEST, i want it so baddddD!!!!!! :D!!!! anyways, forgot your name whos making it, allready after just reading it, keep up i beilve this will soon be a Great game!!!! :D!!!! am glad that totalbiscit did that revivew, and i hope that we can get it for free i love the idea of this game and i love the look, i think that my cumptuer(why woulden it) can handle it :D!!!! yes my pc is terrble but i play alot of games

  8. I have seen the gameplay and i am just eager to hear when it wil come out
    I hope it is for free so i can play it together with some friend on my pc ;D

  9. being the cheap-skate that I am, I’m going to say this game is just not good enough to be free. however, in reality, this game looks great and if you do charge for it, most people wont pay more than $10 for it simply because it’s an indie title.

  10. As another cheapskate, I have to say that I value unique mechanics over hours of play, so I’m waiting with baited breath for Gunpoint to be finished. The crosslink looks amazing!

    In unrelated news, watching TotalBiscuit play makes me want this game just so I can record a speedrun. There are so many sneaky, devious ways of luring out guards that it leaves me frothing when he decides his only choice is to charge in.

  11. Hello, I’ve sent you an email regarding you game, I’d be very appreciative if you could read it! Thank-you!

  12. I am eagerly anticipating this game, but I am wondering WHY you are not placing this on Kickstarter? Either way, I am really jazzed about getting my hands on this game.

  13. I love these type of games; substance over flash. But am always disappointed at the duration of such games (it’s just so good I want more).
    So maybe, if it is at all possible, there could be some sort of level editor/creator included for the community to sink their teeths into?

  14. He’s invented a font entitled little whiners can’t see.

    ‘Today I modified a level and fixed an AI bug.’
    ‘Today I integrated a new sprite.’
    ‘Physics bug.’

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