Salt Crust Loaf

I read this recipe, and thought: what if all six seed types were salt?

That is what! It is good. The hugest loaf I’ve baked. I’ve always scoffed at the second proving before, but I tried it this time and it does seem to make a difference.

Room for improvement: next time I’ll do it in a tin, to get more height, and use the ultra-crust method from the no-prove recipe to get a better crunch. I also think I wussed out with the timing – glazing makes the crust go darker, so I thought it was almost burnt.

3 Replies to “Salt Crust Loaf”

  1. I may have been playing too much Spelunky lately, but it reminds me of the pots. So the next logical step is to bake either a snake, spider or gem into the loaf, and throw it at arrow traps. Deeeeelicious.

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