Huh. That Looks Interesting

I’m hitting a few inconsistencies in where the game predicts your jump will go, and where it actually goes. “Through walls” and “Face-first into a wall” respectively. So to make sure the prediction algorithm was correctly guessing what pose the player would be in at each point on the arc, I made it show me. It looks like this!

I can’t really figure out a way to use this as the prediction visual that isn’t super intrusive and surreal, but I rather like it.

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  1. Sweet. One of the perks of game design; you get to break everything and make it look cool in the process. Maybe you should lower the alpha of each point in the jump (Lower alpha as it goes farther out for a nifty effect), or are you planning on replacing this with the dots again once you get the bugs fixed?

  2. You could try using decreasing alpha level. You could also use tinted images to have them look like holographic projections.

  3. Perhaps you could have a version of that as a gadget, maybe a hologram that can be used as a distraction?

  4. The hologram thing seems like a good idea. You could have a flickery transparent holodude quickly do the jump too so it’s an animation.

    I like it too btw.

  5. Maybe it could be an upgradeable thing; you start off with dots or having to work it out on the fly, then it goes from there until you get to something like the image above?

  6. @Flarehawk: having to work it out at the beginning might be frustrating, so to be safe I’d keep at least the dots

  7. It looks pretty broken. I’d suggest a dotted or solid line. The trajectory prediction should definitely be a feature. Unlockable upgrade or just standard, it should be there.

  8. The old line one was better in a way due to this one spaming near the beginning but nice work.

  9. It looks fun, but for the prediction I prefer the dotted line. Or maybe in addition to the line, with a low, low alpha value? But the line should probably stay the main indicator.

    Seeing the screenshot, however, makes me wonder how it would look like as a “movement trail”. The jump is something quite super-human, how about having him leaving a trail behind him? It would be quite short and quickly going to transparent, and it could add a nice effect to the movement.

  10. I personally think this way looks too exaggerated, I really prefer the dotted line. To be fair, I think you should either abolish the dots or make them optional, and adopt some kind of ‘strenght bar’ indicator or something, and let the player hold a button pressed and mentally calculate where the character is going to land. The game is all about creating strategies, so it would be a plus.

    I’m really really loving this game so far, but I fear this is going to become too easy. Keep up the great work!

  11. Personally I love the dots, then again, I’m so great at calculating the trajectories that I wouldn’t need them, but the dots look far better. THIS however looks like a sporatic mess, I think we’re smart enough to figure out if we’ll faceplant into something, and if we aren’r, it makes for a fun(nier) playthrough. And I’m hardly waiting for the release, I’m just waiting for the second set of beta invites. Allons-y

  12. I’d say it could be good to make it an upgrade to the dots, BUT don’t bother making all the jump phases appear – just make the landing show, so that players with the upgrade know exactly where they’ll land. I don’t think we need to see the way the character will fly, just a semi-transparent image of how he’ll land is enough.

  13. Just some ideas :
    *Instead of a dotted line, show 2, one that predicts the upper part of the character and one that predicts the lower part.
    *Instead of showing all frames at the same time, show the actual jump being performed in some kind of hologram style.

  14. Like others have said, lower the alpha, maybe tint blue, blur slightly, perhaps a liney effect to look like a projection. Like MartinJ said, I think it’s the landing point that should be most prominent, but the apex of the jump also needs to be there, I think. You don’t want to limit your game to mathematicians and physicists who can do parabola in their head.

  15. Couldn’t you have it so a ghost jumps from your position to the projected position on a loop?

  16. Yes! Definitely add the hologram ability, it seems like a genius idea; and what kind of spy game would this be if you weren’t a SuperSpy. The hologram could appear grey and musty, evaporating after a few seconds or being shot.

    Also, the hologram ability could also show you what will happen when you jump (breaking through glass, tackling a police officer, et cetera).

  17. I like the idea of making the character jump preview transparent… also I like the idea of the game as a whole :) …but if you do keep the dots add more please they look cool as they move with the arc

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