New Gunpoint Test Build Soon, Sign Up Here

Update: build sent out 15/02/12, thanks to everyone who signed up. You can still sign up to put yourself down for future test builds.

I’m almost ready to send out a new test version of Gunpoint to anyone who’s around and able to give me some brief feedback. There’s no selection process, just sign up on the mailing list here and you’ll get it in the next day or two:

Also, Gunpoint was just previewed on BoingBoing! Brian Easton played an early build and seemed to really dig it!

Solutions to puzzles can be as elegant or kludgy as you need them to be. That’s a lot of the appeal of Gunpoint; there’s rarely a single solution and you are free to do things your way.


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  1. I would very enjoy helping you test your new computer game.

    I have tested lots of other games over the years, so hopefully I can be useful!

    Regardless, best of luck with the game. :)

  2. Hmm. Tempted to sign up, but I think I want to wait for the game to be (close to) finished before I play.

  3. Any news regarding potential for a linux version? I know you spoke about wanting to do it but needing help, and I haven’t seen anything about it since then.

  4. a compromise would be testing it in Wine, wouldn’t require all the effort of a port, just code like it’s Windows 95.
    (iirc it’s XNA based? So maybe just implementing an OpenGL engine would suffice [also for the Mac port], and not using the cool features that break Mono…)

  5. I just saw the review on Boing Boing and I’m really interested in this game, but I’m not interested in testing it. You should consider having a newsletter or announcement mailing list or something that people can sign up for so that they can get notified when the game is available for purchase.

  6. Gunpoint is awesome! Please add a better menu interface thing though, then players could abort missions and return to the main menu. Also, I can’t get the PrankSpammer to work?

  7. I cant test it even tho i got the mail becaiuse the first download link doesn’t work (limit reached for the day) and the direct download link one doesnt work,it crashes as soon as i open it sayon an error occurred

  8. I’ve been following this game’s progress for a while now, I’d be glad to lend my years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years of gaming experience to some opinions :-þ

  9. Dunno if this is the place to submit bugs or if I should send a mail or whatnot. Anyways I pounced a guard, and I don’t know if it was because he shot me or because I slided into a door, but instead of sitting ontop of the guard to punch him out, I was standing and whenever I run the guard laying down body is stuck to my feet.

  10. @Wertilq: This seems to happen if you pounce two guards at the same time, it seems, by punching the first and sliding into the other.

    I sent my opinions and suggested ways to make the game a little more challenging at points, and giving overall more freedom in level design. It’s a great game, and I love it, but it does need work – the main mechanics seem to only just be put in place. Anyways, I hope I get a reply to my email!

  11. I’ve discovered a bug:

    When a guard open a door, you up on the door and aggripe it. The guard crash and go to the background.

    It has to be exactly the same time !

  12. OK…I probably missed it somehow (not quite awake yet). Where would you like our beta test comments posted? Would you like us to reply to the beta email we received? I have some notes and observations I’d like to share. I just want to make sure they get to the right place. :^)

  13. hey im rly interted in your game but it seems like i was late for the alpha. is there any chance that there’ll be another testing oppurtunity in the future or was last week it?

  14. I really liked to get in the testing squad.
    I’ve been in the Alpha team of BF3 and in the Beta of BF:P4F, BFH and thats allbout it :)

  15. Alrighty, been playing this off and on where I could find time. Loving the concept, the puzzle aspect, and the ability to play my own way.

    Only one thing currently bugs me. On objects that are a part of multiple electrical systems it’s not always easy to tell which colors they are a part of (as illustrated on the level with every color in a box of fruit loops). Adding a tooltip of “this color and this color” would go a LONG way towards fixing that small issue.

  16. I really enjoyed the concept of the game. I love the direction, the gameplay, etc. Only thing is, why is the game called Gunpoint? Holding guards at gunpoint is hardly a big part of the game, and the mechanic doesn’t even work very well, if you can call it a mechanic. The whole Gunpoint thing should be expanded on, it would be awesome if you could order people around, while they are held at “gunpoint.”

  17. I signed up on the 15th of February but somehow I managed to miss the email that got sent out until went looking for it today :(
    No game download for me then :(

  18. I Just Signed up did i miss it Oh please resend if i did i would love to test and give feed back!!! PLEASE!!

  19. Hi I just read the update part and i was just wondering when this was updated??!? Because i want to know if i missed it or i should be receiving it soon??!? Please Help

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