You Can Now Vote For Gunpoint In The IGF

The category we’re a finalist for is Design, but all finalists are also nominated for the Audience award, which is decided by you suddenly very attractive people. If you’d like to help Gunpoint achieve ULTRO FANTASY DREAM, take a sec to vote for it here!

Remember, you’re free to vote for any game, unless it isn’t Gunpoint, in which case you are asked to ignore your own preference and throw us a pity vote. Look how small your character is on-screen! That makes us literally the little guy. Also I’m new at this lol *falls over*.

11 Replies to “You Can Now Vote For Gunpoint In The IGF”

  1. Voted for you, there are a lot of good games in that list, but Gunpoint is the one I enjoyed the most. Good luck in the both this and the Design category!

  2. chequers, contrary to you opinion IGF winners are rarely released games, in fact after winning they are rarely even released. ex. NidHogg
    Tom, you can’t win, it means gunpoint will never be released

  3. I’m sure the music you’ve chosen is lovely, but please don’t forget an option to disable music, but keep ambient sound and special effects.

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