It’s Like 16 Ropes When All You Need Is A Bomb

Fact Friday: this was Morrisette’s original lyric until Warner Brothers demanded it be changed to spoons and knives because of “What.”

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  1. Hey Tom,

    I couldn’t find a link to your email adress so I’ll just leave this message as a comment :

    I was wondering if you ever played the Total War series and, if so, had considered writing a diary about it? I enjoyed reading your GalCiv diaries tremendously, I even bought the game last week, and while it’s a lot of fun, your article made it sound much better! And I believe the Total War series (perhaps Rome?) Would make a great subject for the same kind of article.

    Anyway, thanks for writing those great pieces, and good luck with Gunpoint!

  2. Hmm… how did it fit with the rest?

    It’s like 16 ropes, when all you need is a bomb/
    It’s meeting the man of my dreams/
    And the meeting his beautiful….

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