My Skyrim Review

Skyrim is out, my review is up, and it’s spoiler free.

Although I was hugely privileged to get to play this early, there is a special kind of agony to being this excited about a game and believing you’re just about to get hold of it, every day for nine days.

I was out for my parents’ anniversary dinner the night the mail finally came in, and the code was waiting when I got home late. It was going to take seven hours to download, so I set my alarm for six and went to bed.

I haven’t woken up early for Christmas since I was about 12, but for Skyrim I woke up at 4, then 4.30, then 5, then 6, then 6.30, then 7. Every time the download had about two hours to go, and it seemed to get slower as it went.

I made breakfast, tidied my room, exercised, showered, brewed coffee, did laundry, cleaned my kitchen, fretted, and then finally saw it finish. It would definitely crash. It would be encrypted. It would work, then be removed from Steam the next day.

But it worked, I had time to play it thoroughly enough to review before the embargo, and it was this good.

“Hey Greg, why didn’t the skeleton go to the party?”
“Because he’s a fucking skeleton, Jen, we’ve talked about this.”

4 Replies to “My Skyrim Review”

  1. Hnnng… I’m going to wait before buying this, as much as it pains me. I want a few bug-fix releases before I try it, and I might even wait for the price to go down (we’ll just see how patient I am, I’ll probably cave before then). Plus, there’s mods to consider. I’ll be playing through my first game ‘clean’, but there might be some interesting UI mods or something like that. Short of something catastrophic, however, I am definitely getting this game.

  2. I’m still having trouble believing I’m actually playing it. Ten months of anticipation and hype and then the box is suddenly in my hands. And it is a beautiful thing.

    Also the only bugs I’ve encountered are of the hilarious variety–a flying mammoth that suddenly forgot how to do so and crashed to the ground, providing me with a hell of a lot of free meat.

  3. I hated Oblivion and never really got into Fallout 3. I only pre-ordered Skyrim because I am a giant sucker for rugged northern environments and I was fully expecting it to be the same disappointment as Bethesda’s previous games.

    Instead, I got the first open-world RPG that has honestly sucked me and promptly vaulted up my list of top ten games.

  4. Hey Tom great review and the Tourists Guide was also a good read, thanks for that :)
    I’m loving Skyrim, I’ve made a Destruction Mage who sneaks around firing arrows into things.

    The missus and I also suffered from the “it’s Skyrim day!” much like a child on Christmas (and I still get excited for Christmas) but Skyrim day was something special indeed.
    I took a week off work for DXHR.
    I took a week off for Skyrim. That and my NY trip over my 30th back in March and I have no holiday time left until April. Time well used I’d say.

    If Gunpoint is out around Xmas, I have 4 days off where we are closed so I can concentrate on that too. 2011 the biggest year for games for YEARS.

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