PC Gamer Podcast 51: Mine, Part Mine

Oh yeah, we pod a cast. I get to talk about what playing Deus Ex 3 was like, Rich gets to talk about what reviewing Dragon Age 2 was like, we discuss Bulletstorm’s stupidity, Shogun 2’s cleverity, and Battlefield 3 possibilities.


In which game can you part-own a mine? How hard can you throw something at someone’s head before they react? Are mages getting magier or less mageful? Would Team Fortress 2 work with 3,000 players?

All these answers and no more, for the special person who Downloads/subscribes.

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  1. This should be self evident, really, but an excellent podcast this time interval. More of This Sort of Thing, Please.

  2. Regarding the request to comment if you enjoy the podcast: Yep, enjoyed this one; the pleasant chatter provided calming ambient sound while I worked on my Solipskier hi-score.

  3. Yep, I enjoyed it as well. Gave me something to listen to last-night/morning, it’s nice to have a bit of chatter when everyone else has gone to sleep/failed to get up.

  4. It’s a nice podcast. I like it. There’s really nothing else I can say – I don’t have any suggestions. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  5. The podcast is great, I’ve listened to them all but I agree that this one was more great.
    It is probably Deus Ex affecting the podcast, or the mage puns, or the feuds, it was just fun to listen to. Why don’t you do more than 1 every few weeks?

    Tim Edwards job is to maintain the focus on the mag and how the podcast is 4 guys talking about things related to the new edition, but then it’s so obvious that the 4 of you can go off on a tangent while still sticking to PC gaming. If you did even 2 podcasts per month you could get so much more freedom, spread the chatter over 2 podcasts and take it easy without feeling like you gotta get everythign into 1hr 20mins.

    I guess you guys just have too much work to cram in another podcast though, which is a fucking shame.

    OFFTOPIC: I go to NY on the 15th, my birthday is the 17th and my boat to JC Denton island leaves at 0900 on the 17th. When we get back I’m going to find the firehouse in Ghostbusters, Dana Barrets apartment building, the hotel in Home Alone 2, the bridge in central park in home Alone 2, the bookstore in You’ve got mail, then I’m going to Battery Park to find a homeless boy that sells secret codes for candy bars, then we eat at Less Halles at 2000 that evening.

    ‘I’ve said too much’

  6. Tom, if the PC Gamer fellows won’t let you go on about YouTube, you need to find some guys who’ll do a less-focused podcast with you because we need to hear more of your awesome rants.

    (Are there other podcasts out there that you’ve contributed to or been a guest on?)

  7. Pentadact.com bug report: ‘Recent PC Gamer’ widget items load on individual post pages but not on main page

  8. Jason – in my experience it’s pretty random whether it loads or not on both the main and post pages. I think the script gives up if PCG doesn’t respond in a certain amount of time, so I rephrased the intro to that box so that it makes sense whether the list is there or not.

  9. Did you sneak a Grandaddy reference into one of the section headers of your Skyrim article by chance?

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