Briefly: The King’s Speech

I liked it a lot. It’s pretty much a comedy, albeit a heavy-hearted one. As a drama, it’d be slightly too simple: we never truly understand the exact nature of Albert’s speech impediment or its causes, since both physical and psychological remedies both help somewhat, so there’s no real narrative to that element. The plot is simply that it becomes increasingly important he be ready to take the throne, and his speech continues to be a problem until it isn’t.

Which is fine, because it’s funny. Helena Bonham Carter is charming as the queen mum, Geoffrey Rush has some fun with the class difference, and Colin Firth shows an entertaining disdain for aristocracy and also swears and sings.

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  1. Funny, I thought the problem behind Bertie’s stammer was quite clear: his father always correcting him, so he became afraid of doing anything. The physical exercises only helped a little, it didn’t solve his problems at the factory. It wasn’t until he accepted that he didn’t need to remain under his father and brother’s shadows that he was capable of speaking clearly.

  2. That solution is posited some way through, but it doesn’t seem to help any more than the mechanical exercises or other psychological tricks. If your take was that he only realises this properly in the walk from his practice to the broadcast booth, that’s valid but I don’t think it’s specified.

  3. The physical remedies don’t actually work, there really aren’t any physical ways of treating stuttering apart from some breathing excercises and techniques, shaking your face and shouting out of windows aren’t by the way. The Queen’s Mother said that she wanted a physical problem treated in a physical way and no questions about his private life. The whole reason they do the physical “excercises” is to break the ice between them and help build up a relationship that otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to after being strictly told not to ask. Just pointing out that there is no physical treatment for a stammer, I should know the only thing that seem to help me is a strong sotch and packet of fags ands there are social implications to those lifestyles

  4. don’t want to double post but I have to agree with Chris Fox, being told “Spit it out!” is every stutterer’s worst nightmare, especailly by someone as terrifying as Michael Gambon

  5. Way off topic, so I apologize, but is there anything you can do about the images on your posts from having links that stretch out on both sides through half the page? It makes it awkward when I try to scroll or try to click back on the window and instead wind up navigating away from the page.

  6. Pretty brief, especially for a film that’s so heavily decorated. I haven’t seen this film, but to beat out Black Swan for best picture at virtually every turn is outstandingly impressive.

  7. Tyshalle: it’s bothered me before, too. I’ve looked into it now, and the answer is basically no. CSS is useless. The only methods that might work require every image to be in its own container, which’d mean not only doing that manually each time but also going back and editing 500 posts.

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