Welcome To Site Six

I seem to redesign this place at the start of every year – boredom with the old design peaks just as the winter break hits with the spare time to fix it. This new design is mostly just a visual jiggle, but I’m counting it as site number six because it’s no longer called James. I’m not good with titles, obviously, so it doesn’t really have one anymore – it’s just my blog, or Pentadact.com if you need something more unique.

I’ve sort of decapitated the old design:

It felt flabby and basic, and those black bars bothered me for no good reason. The new one fits more on the screen, and is a bit smoother. You’ll notice I’ve brought it bang up to date with the hottest web trend of 2003 – very slight gradients. A few other things are new:

  • Infinite scroll: it loads the next bunch of posts when you scroll to the bottom. It doesn’t currently tell you it’s doing this.
  • Like button: fucking Zuckerberg. That ugly little thing is so goddamn hard to put on any non-white page without making it hideous. I can’t resist them, though – they’ve been awesome on the PC Gamer site for letting us know the difference between pieces that people want to respond to, and piece people just… like. Without something filling that role, you never really know when you’ve done something right.
  • Category tabs: browsing by category was a little obfuscated in the last design. I wanted to put them front and center for the sake of people who don’t care about games, since that topic often dominates this place a bit. Of course, which category link do the vast, vast majority of people click on? Games. They look at my site about games and think “Goddamn it, this isn’t enough about games! ONLY GAMES!”

As ever, please let me know what you think and if anything isn’t displaying right for you. I have some tweaking to do and presumably a lot of bug fixing, though it doesn’t look too disastrous so far.

17 Replies to “Welcome To Site Six”

  1. When I like something does it show up on my Facebook profile? I’ve not clicked them before because I dont want to spam my friends.

  2. People can see it on your profile, but it doesn’t usually come up in their feeds unless they specifically look at your page or go to the Recent Items list. Facebook seems really keen to hide them away, presumably to prevent spamming/viral stuff.

    You can see the date of any given post in the URL. I’ve never put them in the posts themselves, wasn’t totally convinced of the need. Open to persuasion though.

  3. I shan’t be using the Like button, because, well, I’m very easily amused and like everything. So just take it as read that I’ll enjoy anything you post.

    The new site took a minute or two to get used to but the infinite scroll and having the sections at the top really work. Although I kind of miss the black-bars.

    Also, when are we going to see ‘musings on the nature of reality’ posts again?

  4. The navigation/tabs bar at the top rubs against the status section. I’m using Firefox but that’s about all I can tell you. Could just be something out of whack my end. It seems to be correct in the picture of site six though.

  5. Doh, of course! I noticed that in testing and forgot to fix it – it happens if your browser window is less than 1280 pixels wide. Cheers, I’ll take a look.

  6. Huh, I never knew you could like something using the facebook button, without it appearing on facebook. I might “like” more things now.

  7. Fixed the category bar bug now, and made it highlight the category you’re looking at. Also abandoned the ‘Notebook’ name, it was too vague. That section is Philosophy now.

  8. Sites looking good, as ever. I’m really liking the “scroll down load new posts” feature, as it saves me clicking through pages and pages whilst searching for old posts.

  9. Rest in peace, James. You were a charmingly confusing thing to call a blog by a man named Tom.

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