Halloween 2010

Heroes Assemble #1Roughly from left to right: Craig as Dexter Morgan, Kim as The Scout, me as The Spy as Graham Smith, Jim as a witch, Anna as a witch, Graham as Minecraft Guy, Lisa as a dinosaur, Tim as a Murloc, Laura as Red Riding Hood, and Amanda as Sully.

World of Minecraft

I’m actually grinning.

"Blue Spy Stole The Pudding!"John made these amazing pumpkin desserts in little ramekin dishes, so he’s forgiven for coming as John Walker.

IMG_4195The wrap-around made this even scarier than I’d intended.

Grabby TomI eventually discovered for myself how disturbing it is to see someone else wearing your face.

Kim’s custom-made dog tags – “BONK!” and “I broke your stupid crap moron!”

Hide The KnivesI did not spend a lot of the evening with my mask correctly aligned.

IMG_4184Graham forgot not to sit down.


And making this video is why Rich Cobbett is forgiven for coming as Rich Cobbett.

In reference to this.

IMG_4176Pumpkin carving the previous night.

IMG_4214This was mine, a dramatic departure from last year’s.

17 Replies to “Halloween 2010”

  1. I love the Minecraft costume, the Halloween party I went to ended with listening to The Who, talking about Pink Floyd and doing Krav maga (drunkenly).

  2. That third photo down from the top- I can’t shake the feeling that if the face was blurred out, it would make a perfect Slenderman costume, if you’ve run into the mythos before.
    The dogtags are a stroke of brilliance.

  3. Hey, what camera were you using? Your photos always have such nice colour to them that I can never get :(

  4. Remember when Halloween in Britain was hardly celebrated and those people that did dress up did so as scary things, such as ghost, witches and skellingtons?


  5. Interesting. I went to my halloween party wearing a balaclava. You’d be surprised at how much attention coming as a semi-obscure Mexican revolutionary grabs you.

    But in a word: Itchy.

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