Machine Of Death Needs Your Help Next Tuesday

So, the short story collection I’m featured in will be out on in the US shortly. Woo! No confirmed UK release, but postage is about £5 for us Brits. We would particularly love for you to buy it on October 26th – next Tuesday. Here’s a truncated explanation of why, and why it’s taken so long, from editor David Malki:

We talked with six different agents who fell in love with this book; one even fell deeply in love and tried her hardest to sell it to anybody who would listen. One editor at a publishing house told us “Let me be blunt: I love this premise; I love this project; I want to read this book […] the sample stories included in the proposal are really very strong, and if they’re all that good, then this is a genre anthology of high literary quality.”

But it was 2008, 2009. “The economy,” we were told. “And it’s an anthology.”

And we live on the internet enough that we knew we could sell this book.

On October 26, we want to send a message that a little project dragged kicking and screaming from “crazy idea” past “it’ll never work” all the way to “By God, they actually did it” can make a big splash. We’re internet people; you are too. We want to prove to all the people who said “this will never sell” that that’s all that matters.

Did you know that on any given day, an bestseller only sells a few hundred copies? Sure, they sell a hundred copies a day for weeks and months on end, but what we’ve learned is that it only takes a few hundred sales on a single day to become an bestseller.

We want Machine of Death to become a Number One bestseller for exactly one day. October 26.

It would be awesome if you could spread around this link, that date, and click Attend on Facebook so we can see how many people are planning to buy. I’ll post again on the day to remind people and say ‘Woo!’ again. Thanks!

9 Replies to “Machine Of Death Needs Your Help Next Tuesday”

  1. If I somehow find out how to convert the money in my wallet to money on the Internet in a timely fashion, I should be able to help with this.

  2. I guessing you want it to be Oct 16 by crazy US moon time? If so us Brits will have to be careful to remember the time difference :/

  3. 26th, but yeah. I’ll put up a reminder at 8am that day UK time, so that it’ll be the 26th everywhere in the continental United States (and moon) by then.

  4. Oh man, I thought I finally had a use for my bookcase time machine that brings books from last week into the present

  5. I’m interested in purchasing the book, but do I need to buy it on release day to contribute to the bestseller list? I’d much rather just pre-order it.

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