Machine Of Death Is Out In Two Months

That short story collection I wrote for, Machine of Death, is actually getting published. It’s out in October, in big floppy paperback, and it’s going to be illustrated. It includes stories by:

Illustrated by people including:

I have no idea who’s illustrating mine yet, but you can’t really lose with this list. The final lineup very charitably calls my story ‘brutal, desperate and real’, so it’d be kind of hilarious to see Kate Beaton do it.

I have a flight to catch and a lot to do before and on it, so hasn’t totally sunk in yet. Here’s my story, and here’s the comic that inspired the collection. Oh yeah, and here’s the awesome cover:

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  1. That list includes many of my favourite people on the internet. And your story is very good indeed. Congrats.

  2. Huh. Never thought I’d see the day.

    Mainly because my deathsheet said “Trampled to death by massive first day crowds for ‘The Last Airbender'”

    I swear my machine is broken.

  3. Gah. $5 say I’ll never be able to buy this here in Czech Republic.

    I guess I’ll have to sell my soul to PayPal and get it shipped or something.

  4. * Randall XKCD Munroe
    * Ben Zero Punctuation Croshaw (who I just interviewed)
    * Ryan Dinosaur Comics North
    * Tom Who’s Writing This Francis

    Ugh. Only 1/4. I’m not buying this!

    Thank god Ryan North is there to pull up the rest of them.

  5. Buying this for the cover alone. Since I’m in Canada, I likely willnot be able to get it for a few years, most likely.

  6. @LaZodiac It would be weird if they didn’t sell in Canada, considering Ryan North lives there.

  7. Liked your story when you originally posted it so much, I sent it to numerous friends. So yeah, this book intrigues me. :D

    All the writers are excellent, and Chris Hastings and Aaron Diaz are some of my favorite artists. I WILL SPEND MONEY ON THIS.

  9. @radomaj: Well, its mostly due to me living in the NWT. I’m basicly in the boondocks, if the boondocks was a frozen wasteland of death and hate.

  10. I feel like, with those contributors, you could just call it “Internet: The Book,” and have done. Congrats!

  11. i love love LOVE your machine of death story! it really feels like a basis for all of the machine of death universe!
    i googled you because i was surprised you weren’t one of the three people who directed the book. i wonder, were you one of the first people to write a machine of death story? did you come up with the idea for the story on your own or you had a chat with them yet? i’m really surprised that it’s the only ‘origin story’ for the machine in the compilation and it’s so good. thanks,


  12. Thanks! No, I didn’t have any contact with Malki & co before submitting, except to ask a question about the rules. After submitting I figured the inventor idea was way too obvious and they’d have a hundred better takes on it.

    The story I’ve submitted to Machine of Death 2 is intentionally a bit more niche in terms of subject matter, because most of my favourite stories in the original collection ended up being the unusual ones.

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