12 Replies to “Valve Steal Fifth James Weapon Idea”

  1. If this means Robin gives you a new community item, I propose an all seeing third eye hat that can predict the future. Or just look really creepy in the middle of the Heavy’s forehead.

  2. I think the thing to take from this is that you should probably work for Valve.

    You could head their UK branch.

    … Can I have a job there? I’ll make the tea, anything really.

  3. So basically, the Engie update is your ideas for new equipment, some rare and unfortunate attention attracting golden wrenches, plus some maps? Shouldn’t you be working for Valve by now?

    Also, I endorse The_B’s idea. It’s that or some sort of silly reference on the main page for the Engie update announcing that this is officially titled “The Pentadact Engie Update.”

  4. Well the 100th wrench got crafted, and I fear valve merely set a cunning trap for you Tom. Im expecting extra TF2 acheivements just for you involving a certain garden ordament.

    I am hoping it is dressed like Abe Lincon though.

  5. I am wholly prepared to see a post titled Valve Steals Sixth James Weapon Idea — they have released the mini sentry.

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