The Year In Forty Photos

I won’t bore you with any kind of account of my year, but here are some photos I took during it. I guess I didn’t take all of them since I’m in some of them, but I don’t remember so good about those ones.

I’ve been working my way through Said the Gramophone’s 75 tracks of the year with an odd cocktail of revulsion and delight. Among the delight, this wonderful song by Vic Chesnutt. Often songs that aren’t about what they seem to be about never let you in on the twist – it was years before I realised Belle & Sebastian’s Century of Elvis was about a cat. Vic’s is from the school of “Two minutes in, just come out and say it.”


I approve. It’d be a shame for anyone to hear a couplet so painfully double-edged as “When you touched a friend of mine / I thought I would lose my mind” and miss the grim joke.

Oh yeah, good news: I’m working on a really long post about a really esoteric subject that involves lots of strong opinions about game design ideas I have no experience working with.


IMG_2115Truffle fries in San Fran.





IMG_2194The restaurant of endless meat, with 2K’s Karl Unterholzner and Jordan Thomas.


San Fran March 09 005Mr Gish unwisely shows his daughter the drawing Mr World of Goo did of him naked.

San Fran March 09 008

San Fran March 09 012


IMG_2314Dylan Moran, yesterday.






IMG_2620France’s pimary exports are textiles and macro photography.










IMG_2878Space Invader ice cubes.




IMG_2931Kim arranged I think my first ever surprise birthday party.

Halloween 010Halloween.

New York 008

New York 301

New York 191

New York 215

New York 312

New York 234

35 Replies to “The Year In Forty Photos”

  1. Love that cake! Must’ve been a blast to eat.
    Oh, and come back to the SF Bay sometime. We all miss you.

  2. I saw that first pic of Moran and wondered why he looked so familiar. Then I saw the second one and the caption and went “hang a tic, that’s the Black Books guy!”

    ]France’s pimary exports are textiles and macro photography.

    Also, berets.

    (You thought I was going to say “surrendering”, dincha?)


    That’s a really good impression of a pale British man.

  3. Erk, sorry, these weren’t meant to be flagged as private. Fixed now, the big versions of the Space Invader ones are best.

    All I can remember about the restaurant’s name is that it rhymes with asbestos.

    It’s not really Dylan, Jonn, something about my obliviousness to disarranged hair just made me think of him.

    Heh, did anyone else spend long enough in the comments box for the snow to reach down here? It takes a while.

  4. Those ice cube shots are by far the best, especially number one and two. That’s some sweet macro action right there.

  5. A good year then?

    My year was 2/3 STRESS 3/12 stress 1/12 relaxing.

    That’s my year in a nut shell, still, I can’t believe that’s almost a new decade. When someone said that I said something along the lines of ‘What? Since when, no… f*ck off’. I’d forgotten that 2010 would be the start of the next decade, I’d only just got settled with the 00’s.

    Also, 2010 is still pegged down as THE FUTURE, it certainly doesn’t feel like the future yet. This Christmas better at least see something major come out of CERN. And I’m definitely going to make some retro-ice blocks. Perhaps I could stick jelly cubes together to make characters from the years when you could see all the individual colours in a pixel from about 1m away from the screen.

  6. I hope you don’t mind me using your picture of you in a silly wig in my media presentation about your blog, Mr Francis :)

  7. Excellent. By cycling through these pictures very quickly I can imagine what you’d experience, Tom, if you drowned on the final day of the year (not that you will!)

  8. @Pentadact: Yep, I’ve been down here for fifteen minutes (for some reason), I’ve seen a single lonely snow flake. Kinda depressing somehow…

    Also those are some purty photos, I still laugh when I see the walrus one, it looks so happy to see you! Did you bring him his bukkit?

    Oh yeah, and there’s to much sunlight reflecting on the fifth picture down, or I’m just blind, what’s it supposed to be of? =P

  9. Desmolas has somehow reversed causality and answered your question a few comments back, Nerfball – although he’s probably referring to the stucco. Perhaps because I’m a child of the Geocities age, I just like photos that look like they could tile to make a wallpaper.

    I bet ‘ah, the truffle fries!’ is one of those things you can say underwater.

  10. I saw a snowflake down here, thought it was something falling in front of my face!
    Did you enjoy your trip to see Family Guy being ‘written’?

  11. Indeed it’s a Vortigaunt. Everyone knows they love cookies.

    I wish I had a girlfriend who would surprise me with Schrödinger’s cake. You are a very lucky man.

  12. Nice pics, but it shows how dull American cities are. Just big boring grids. This was my major gripe with the Sim City games — they just let you make big boring American grid-cities :(

    Also: Did you make the ice cubes yourself?

  13. Rei: You could make your own cake? And then eat it and play the song? You could even spend thirty years building glaDOS to eat it with you. Problem solved in three easy steps!

  14. Looks like you had a lovely year Tom, despite the robbery. Here’s to you and the rest of the James regulars, hope the next year is good for you all.

    (Pedantic correction: I went and googled him to find more of his lovely work, turns out he’s called Chesnutt, not Chestnutt)

  15. Some really nice pics here, definitely got a knack for photography. Good job.

    @Jonn How do you export surrendering only way I can think of is a roundabout way of saying you win a lot.

  16. I to am a fan of nice photography and games and this site, so thanks for sharing your pictures Tom and to all I say seasons greetings have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year :)

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