30 Replies to “Reasons To Look Forward To Just Cause 2, No. 13”

  1. My goodness yes. That and tethering chasing jeeps to bridge pylons, then sticking C4 to them so they fly off the bridge and explode. This game shall be epic.

  2. Planewalking in 1942 was hilarious. Got about 20 people on a fighter once.

    Also, cannot wait for this. Do we have a release date yet?

  3. A second excuse in the last week to mention Rocket Jockey! Aside from being excellent fun, it’s another of those happy few games about roping things together in 3D. Roping two opponents together counts as an instakill.

  4. This is the only game I have ever seen described as having “infinite parachute.” I think that is wonderful in so many ways.

  5. How long can the grappling stuff to other stuff go? Is it just one to one, or can you link several enemies together then attach the final one to a car which you drive off in?

  6. I think everyone pronounces the name of this game wrong. It’s really a description of the game’s style. Why did you tether that guy to a gas canister and then shoot it so it pulls him off a building? Just ‘Cause.

  7. You mean people don’t pronounce it that way already? I certainly do.

    Haven’t looked too much at the game myself, so I will ask– can you also fly that plane if you so desire?

  8. This image would be even better if the guy had whipped a rope under the “chin” of the plan and was using that to steer it, like some kind of massive fell beast.

  9. Because of this picture and many of your grappling hook themed enthusiasm, I will definately be buying this game!!

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