Best not to know much about this film going in, so I’ll be vague.

  • I thought it was going to be primarily about madness, and I’m glad it wasn’t.
  • I thought it wouldn’t make sense, and I’m glad it did.
  • I thought nothing would happen, and I was glad something did.

It’s not a twist film; the quirk occurs early and almost casually. But it keeps dodging expectations by straying close to clichés is has no intention of treading in. That makes events feel natural rather than contrived, which is disarming.

Also on the positive side, it’s awesome.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to see this since I saw the first teaser trailer. Nearest cinema to me showing it is in Birmingham, but I’m guessing it’ll be worth the travelling.

  2. The majority of it is just Sam Rockwell. But Kevin Spacey plays the voice of his robot sidekick, and there’s a bit of interaction with other characters.

    You make an interesting point, Tom. I can remember four or five times that got tense watching it, expecting some twist, and then the movie either actively disregards it, or just leaves it to build. Really enjoyable.

  3. Did you change the first picture in the post? Oh well.

    The text in the Image with “Bay 01” on the wall immediately recalled System Shock 2 to me, for some reason. God, I loved that game, just played through it again.

  4. I’ve never heard of this movie. Must be a british thing like In Bruges.

    I’ll be picking this up, like In Bruges, once it hits the bargin bins in good ole Canada.

  5. It did come out in the US first, but if the release was as lousy as over here, it may never have been shown at your local. We had to drive out of town to a poignantly weathered cinema outside Bristol to see it.

    Alek – yes, I changed my mind about whether or not the first image was clear enough to spoil anything.

  6. Yha, our theaters are to busy showing two diffirent versions of two movies, they don’t have time to take in “foot note” movies.

    On that note, the new management at the theater sometimes places the Rocky Horror Picture Show, so you never know what might show up there.

  7. I live in Jersey…so seeing this film requires either catching a plane to the UK, catching a boat to france or downloading it illegally and watching it on a tiny screen. Why the HELL is the cinema here showing 6 showings of transformers 2 a day, and neglecting actual good movies.

  8. Actually hunted this down and watched it today, it’s very good. As nice as the lunar vistas are, I don’t think you’d miss too much viewing on a small screen, Palms.

    I found it quite sad, a mood helped along nicely by that lovely recurring piano motif. It feels very human for a film set on the Moon and directed by David Bowie’s son.

  9. I’m referring to Jersey in the Channel Islands unfortunately, y3k. =(

    I’m sure there are plenty of places to watch it in New Jersey but here, there is only one cinema (although that one cinema does have 13 screens and therefore, no excuse not to show Moon at least once a day.)

  10. any word on when this crap will hit a shelf? I hate theaters and never go to them, even for my most anticipated movies… and this one is way up the list.. are they ever going to ship this on plastic?

  11. In Brum you will be able to see it at the Electric on August 14th, or you can go up to Star City, it’s at the Vue there.

  12. I don’t like the Electric. I understand the history behind it, being one of the first cinemas in England, but I found the sound was poor and the screen quite small (although sitting in a sofa in the cinema is pretty cool.)


    Loved this. Although as someone else pointed out, it’s a very sad movie.

    I quite enjoy how it’s almost delving into the ethical problems of the future and making us think about that. I think the only movie in recent years to compare it to is Gattaca. The type of movie where it was less about the sci-fi and more about how people are affected by futuristic scenarios. Very old school sci-fi.

    One problem for me though was the little twist. The viewer doesn’t know – technology wise – what is capable in the movie, so we don’t truly understand how the characters are feeling when the little twist pops up. (We don’t know that they’re aware of clones, for us it’s a mystery as to what is happening, but to them it must be pretty clear they are clones when they meet each other.)

    One thing I enjoyed about the movie was that it left so many little mysterious questions for the audience to comprehend. For example, did the version of Sam Rockwell on earth know he was cloned? (Maybe I misunderstood this?) Why did his wife and daughter make videos for him if there was just tons of his clones up there and not the original Sam Rockwell? etc…

  14. SPOILERS Obviously

    I think the idea was that he did one full term of service on the moon, and then they cloned him and played the clones the videos he’d been sent. I don’t think he does know.

  15. SPOILS!

    Actually, I was reading on the IMDB that apparently in the videos his wife never actually mentions he is on the moon. She says things like “this has been really good for you.”

    So you can kind of work out that the video messages are from the time where he was seperated from his wife and the reason he sees an edit is because the company has cut a bit out that will make it obvious to him that the message wasn’t meant for someone on the moon!

    I think I’ll have to watch this movie again as I imagine there’s a lot of stuff like that to pick up on. I also reckon it’ll lose some of its appeal second time though due to knowing all that will happen.

  16. I saw Moon and Pelham 123, Pelham 123 is better in my opinion, although both worth seeing. If you liked The Inside Man (Also with Denzel Washington O.o) Pelham 123 should appeal to you, if you like a more psychological thriller as opposed to action thriller, go see Moon.
    Unless you can see both.

  17. It’s like House MD or The Wire?
    I know people say The Wire is the best tv show ever, but it’s really not. The plot is sometimes too complex.
    But yes. That too is SCIENCE v CRIME.

  18. I just saw this film (in Bath, incidentally. I wonder why it wasn’t on there when Pentadact saw it?) and I have to say it was FANTASTIC. Go see.

  19. It just got released on DVD here, saw it in DVD releases in the Telegraph, went to HMV at lunch and brought it without having a clue what happens (I haven’t read a word about it other than your recommendation to see it). I’m so glad I did, it’s a really, really good film.

  20. Finally got to see this yesterday on the magic of DVD. The slowest but best movie I have seen for a long time. I assume that the sam clones die after three years so the one on earth can only be the original.

  21. Just finished watching it at 1.30am. This is an example of why I favour sci-fi as a genre (despite the 80% or so thats worthless) – good sci-fi is REALLY good and extremely unpredictable. It has a pedigree that allows for not always letting the good guys win, which raises the suspense potential immeasurably.

    Thanks for the recommendation =)

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