Trust Me With Your Ears: Volume Seven

A regular feature in which I attempt to share the mystifying, alarming process of digging through my unhelpfully named MP3s by uploading one of the files I found that way and not telling you what it is.


In this case, while you can tell pretty quickly what it is, I still have no idea where I got it, who it’s by, or why I would have such a thing. I think I’ll try moving the logo to beneath the text to impair eye-drift to potential spoilers in the comments.

18 Replies to “Trust Me With Your Ears: Volume Seven”

  1. I’m ashamed to admit that I recognise the tune as “fernando” by Abba. Gods damn you, 1970s!

    Also, Cthulhu rules.

  2. Shamefully, it took me ’til the chorus to recognise the tune.

    Even so, this is brilliant. I’ll definitely be downloading the mp3.

  3. I recognised it just as soon as my eyes drifted onto Rafmunkur’s comment, ruining the whole point of it for me. Thanks.

  4. Well it is clearly to the tune of Abba – Fernando, but the vast majority of the words have been changed. I presume their referring to a sci-fi/fantasy TV programme, film or book but it is one I am not aware of…

  5. Ah, the tender melodies of the all consuming terror that is Cthulhu.

    Not quite as good as the time he met Bertie Wooster, but still solid.

  6. @Zig13, it’s referring mainly to early 20th century horror writer H.P Lovecraft’s most famous Eldritch horror, “Cthulhu,” though I think I caught references to Dunwich Horror and other works of his in there.

  7. Fantastic! As an avid Lovecraftian and Mythos lover extrodinaire this was a delightful treat!

    Oh yes, plenty of Mythos references – I think I caught some for Shadow Over Innsmouth and there were onew or two for Dagon as well =D

  8. @Ludo and Roadrunner, I don’t think there’s any one way to pronounce “Cthulhu,” and I seem to recall reading that the actual pronunciation isn’t physically possible by humans. Or something. Eldritch Horrors, you know, always with the confusing names.

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