I knew BeBot – a beatific tuxedo’d robot for the iPhone who sings at your touch – was awesome. I didn’t realise he was awesome.

Via, of course, Waxy.

11 Replies to “Woo-EEE-Ooh-AAA!”

  1. That’s cool, but isn’t it basically the same thing he does with the Continuum board? It seems funny to me he wouldn’t refer more to it, since that’s clearly where he’s been practising for this.

  2. Someone actually emailed me, begging me to stop linking to interesting games and iPhone apps because he couldn’t afford to buy them all.

  3. This qualifies for my “instant boner” award even before the guy starts talking. Anything I can easily make beautiful sounds with is a winner.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about that, probably, this generation’s Messiaen will be composing for the Iphone. It somehow… makes me want to punch Steve Jobs?

  5. I’ve had this app for so long and was aware of it being usable as a proper instrument, but never had the talent to demonstrate this to anyone. It’s just soooo configurable!

  6. Man, as much as I aprechiate his explaination, I really, really, really wish that he’d said less and played more :D that is an incredible sound :D

  7. In the same category, something I emailed to Tom some time back – the iPhone Ocarina. Recycled description: ‘Yet another technology buffer overflow, one that allows one of modernity’s greatest concentrations of engineering per square centimetre to do a pretty good emulation of two dollarpounds’ worth of injection moulding or a lump of mud poked with bones by a bored Sumerian farmer. It’s another thing that’s really quite ridiculous, but nonetheless impressive to observe.’

  8. I just picked this up after visiting your site (weeks of no updates and then we get three at once? You’re like the bus service…) Anyway, Bebot surprisingly easy to play once you get the configuration right. I’ve fallen in love with the theramin mode with C at one end of the screen and C up an octave on the other end, and then changing octave with the helpful little buttons on the side.

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