Trust Me With Your Ears: Volume Five

A regular feature in which I ask you to listen to a sound file with no idea what it’s going to be. It’s an attempt to share the strange experience of rummaging through my old download folders, listening to forgotten MP3s with uninformative filenames. All I know about them is that I must have liked them at some point.

Volume Four was the shortest I’ve ever posted, this one is the longest – don’t click play if you’re in a hurry.


20 Replies to “Trust Me With Your Ears: Volume Five”

  1. For given values of “regular”, eh?

    (Can’t listen at work, MP3s are blocked. I shall have to trust you at a later date.)

  2. Don’t know what that was from. Is it strange that I actually found that interesting?

  3. The most surreal and informative 20 mins, and still none the wiser about where this came from. I wish it was longer, thanks for bringing to my ears to trust.

  4. My policy is they can only be music if there’s something interesting about them other than the music. The fact that I like a song, I’ve found, is no reason to suspect anyone else here will, so it’s unhelpful to be mysterious about them.

    The only half-hour tracks I have are Godspeed You Black Emperor, and I figure the world doesn’t really need telling about them anymore.

  5. That was so good! A wierd little peice of pop/cartoon history. I think (despite not being alive till the 90’s)that i remember watching some version of Alvin and The Chipmunks. i definitely remember being horrified by the poster and the trailer for the recent film. Still, even if i’d had no idea who they were, I think I’d have found that interesting.

  6. If they ever make a movie of Tales of the Riverbank or of Sooty I know which blog to turn to for behind the scenes expose.

  7. Oh yeah, I was supposed to tell you. That was Ken Goffman, a.k.a. R U Sirius, original editor of Mondo 2000 magazine, and apparently at one point a presidential candidate. That would have made an interesting country.

    The piece is part of a relatively short-lived podcast he started called Destinyland, the site for which is unfortunately long since defunct. When it stopped updating for a long stretch, I got paranoid and downloaded them all before it vanished, so I can put them up somewhere if anyone’s interested.

  8. Well, he sounds like an interesting guy :) You should do a post on it and put up some links :)

    I’m sure you could put the files in a large batch if the original site is defunct for hosting.

  9. Tom, I loved listening to the Destinyland podcasts back when he was still doing them and was sad that he stopped. If you still have the recordings, I’d love to have them!

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