Trust Me With Your Ears: Volume Two

A regular feature in which I ask you to listen to a sound file with absolutely no idea what it’s going to be. Sometimes, after listening, you still won’t have any idea. Other times it’ll be obvious.

This was inspired partly by trying to clear out my downloads folder – I shoved all the unknown MP3s onto my player and listened to them on my way into work, never having any idea what kind of thing was coming next, only that I had for some reason deemed it download-worthy. It took me a long time to remember what the hell this was, and I still have no idea where I got it.


22 Replies to “Trust Me With Your Ears: Volume Two”

  1. It sounds like a failed idea for a Disney movie. Which is actually kind of hilarious if you just think about it.

  2. Sorry for the double post, but I just figured out what the song’s based on. Hahahaha I used to love that movie. Aren’t they supposed to be making a remake of it?

  3. I got it a minute in, and got bored of it a minute later.

    Still, a good idea, even if I don’t like the music.

  4. After figuring out exactly what this is, it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve experienced all day.

  5. I love spoof musicals.

    Also, I think this is the first time Google has failed me when searching for song lyrics to find the source.

  6. After googling around for some of the quotes, I decided that I should see the movie. Thanks, Tom!

  7. I won’t spoilerz it on people who are still guessing, but that’s got to be the best premise for a musical EVER.

  8. Absolutely beautiful pacing. You have kept my aural trust this time, Francis…

    (Also, is anyone else getting a Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog vibe from this?)

  9. Cool.

    Mr Brit: If you get this via RSS then there’s just a normal mp3 download link instead of a media player thingy.

  10. Who designed this website? This is way too huge to even be usable, it took me a damned while to even find the play button

  11. Yeah? It’s 2cm by 7mm here, and the play button is a triangle just like Mum used to cook. Perhaps you could include some details – they’d fit nicely into the space where insults currently reside.

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