Lumber Yard Wallpapers

Want to feel like you’re in Valve’s new alpine vistas without actually having to play Arena mode? Then sir, I can save you seconds of effort. Click for big.


lumber yard 2



Edit: That big blue space looked like it needed some banner text to me, so I knocked up an alternate version for those of us whose cup of tea the new mode is not:

Arena Mode poster

If Valve would like my permission to use this poster in their marketing materials or to otherwise promote the game, they are most welcome.

12 Replies to “Lumber Yard Wallpapers”

  1. Purdy, though I think I’ll stick with the Pyro shot used in the publicity stuff, for obvious reasons ;).

  2. Cheers, I’ll be holding onto the last one for my wallpaper rotations, just started using the concept art from the games blog.

    your snaps really demonstrate just how good looking the new theme and map looks.

  3. “Widescreen is for hammerhead sharks.”
    rofl!! :D
    I don’t have a widescreen display… but I agree with you based on the few times I had to use one!!

  4. If you want widescreen, it is not too much trouble to crop.

    Thanks so much. Stuff like this is great.

  5. That’s so wide, a hammerhead shark would be all, “Whoa, that’s a bit wide. I mean I like wide, but man.”

    I like how they drew a TF2 crosshair on there to make it look in-game. You’re not foolin’ no-one, Dhabih.

  6. You know, I’d wondered about that. Bits of the shots really do look like they were rendered in the game… then there are bits that are nothing but wide, impressionist brush strokes over blurred photo inserts. Compare the ground next to the railcar or the planks on the bridge with the roof of a building or the leaves on a tree. The level of detail in some areas is all out of proportion.

    I suspect they constructed and rendered a fragment of the environment using existing art assets, and then expanded upon it with concept art.

    Also, whoever drew that has a rotation-sensitive wacom stylus, and I am jealous.

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