He Looks Truly Mortified


Sorry Peanut, I know you were in the middle of your own taunty thing. But I had to try the Heavy’s kill-o-taunt.

I’ve also been punching people’s blood out a lot more lately, and can now see the point of the KGB. If you’re not familiar with Team Fortress 2 and its unlockables, that sentence may have sounded strange.

Having the Sandvich cleverly lures you into the business of punching, because your fists are now your only backup weapon. That in turn makes you realise it’s more viable than you’d expect, and suddenly the idea of getting a bonus for doing it is rather tempting. Five seconds is a long time in 100% critsville – switching to Natascha and spinning up probably only takes one and a halfish.

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  1. Remember those crits stack too so if you kill a guy with the KGB you get 5 sec crit.. kill another before those 5 secs are up and it adds. So I kill another guy (because I am the “1337z0R”) in 2 seconds I now have 7 seconds. I don’t think it’s very likely though.

  2. The weird thing about the Heavy’s “POW!” taunt is that it actually has a small amount of range, so rather than having to be right up close like for the Pyro, you can instantly kill someone 2 yards or so away.
    Just in case anyone didn’t know.

  3. Poor Peanut… you cracked his hard outer shell and exposed his softer inner self to the hardships of the world and the dangers of heavy taunting. :(

    I can’t really play the heavy achievements that much, I’m busy with other games, and I refuse to farm (I farmed Pyro, no others). But it’s something to look forward to for when I do have time.

  4. I farmed ’em. Not ashamed of it either. I intend to write a peice defending farming and submit it to ubercharged or summin’.

    Anyway, Natascha sucks. It means the Heavy is only effective against scouts, spies and pyros (slowing ’em down, stopping them getting close, and preventing them escaping), the sandvich is great, but overpowered, you eat it in about 2 seconds, not 4. The KGB are far superior to the fists, which contradicts Valve’s idea of releasing equal-in-power-but-alternative weapons, but they’re still fun.

  5. Well I’m a subscriber to PCG so I got it this morning, but only found it in the packaging about 5 minutes ago, so it’s sitting next to me demanding to be read, best give into to it.

  6. OH FFS. Man I’m crap at typing. The ‘IS’ should be ‘Is’ and the ‘our’ should be ‘out’.

  7. @J-man, no it won’t be out in shops till next thursday. Subscribers get it a week earlier, and a discount, and free stuff, basically it’s worth it.

  8. You don’t really need to correct every typo with a new comment, J-Man, we’ll cut you some slack. Yep, in shops Thursday, the first entry might go online before then to tease it.

  9. Just finished reading it (well I was doing lots of other things in between reading), and, well it was awesome. Your species was basically America.

  10. Hmmm.. do you get one of those ‘OMGPCG’ or ‘Tanks: like angry houses’ shirts if you subscribe?

    Secondly, I feel like a dick if I spell or use grammmar incorrectly, especially since I often yell at other people for it.

    Thirdly, thanks for adding me to your friends list, Tom.

    Fourthly, Natascha sucks.

    Fifthly, I really gotta stop numbering my points.

  11. Re: Plan B – There’s one problem though, which is that a lot of the images came out poorly or not at all. I’m not surprised – Gal Civ 2 is a very black game – but be prepared for commentary of that sort. Unless my copy was very unusual.

    The prose is nonetheless sparkling and hilarious.

  12. Yeah, no kidding. My prose IS sparkling. No, I mean about the screenshots. We knew they’d lose a bit in the printing, but I think we undermisunderestimated how much.

  13. Yeah that was an awesome book, but then I love everything you write. And the screenshots were terrible…

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